Watches are not just time telling instruments anymore. They have risen up to be style statements and a part of your overall personality. A watch can tell a lot about you as a person and and helps add substance to your style. You may find all kinds of watch enthusiasts around the world. Some collect exquisite watches of creative dials and designs, some may want to collect old pieces of historical significance, or you can say vintage classics. Some go for brand value as well. But all these collectors have one thing in common, their profound love for watches!

Buying a watch is a highly personal decision and should not be done for the heck of it. Take time to analyze and think as to which watch will be the perfect one for you. You can do so by taking into account your usual lifestyle. If you are more of an outgoing person who is always on the move and prone to adventure, buying an expensive luxury watch is the last thing you would want to do. Similarly, wearing a sports watch with your tie and suit to work just looks out of place, no matter how much you try to hide it. Know the various types of watches available out there and choose the ideal one for yourself.

Watches can broadly be classified into the following types-

1. Vintage Classics

These watches are popular amongst antique collectors or people who have a taste for vintage things. They can be old fashioned to look at but serves its purpose just as well as any new watch would, that is to show the time. Watches from the world war 2 era are very popular amongst collectors, and they hold high value when it comes to selling and buying. They are of even higher value if they are preserved in pristine condition. Watches of an even older origin can fetch high amounts of money upon sale. But these kind of watches are hard to come by as collectors do not want to rid themselves of them unless they are truly desperate.

2. Luxury Watches

These are the preferred choices for businessmen and people who like to live on the luxurious end of life. These watches may come from anywhere between $5000 to $30000, and even higher. The basic models are almost always steel, strap and all. Models are also available with a leather strap as per user preference. Higher models can be even made up of solid gold. Usually swiss made watches are highly sought after, as they have the reputation to be the best made watches in the world, a reputation they have managed to maintain since the beginning. There are a lot many known and favored brands like Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer etc which offer excellent watches and have an impeccable reputation.

3. Sports Watches

These are heavy duty watches specially engineered to withstand the rugged outdoor conditions. They are used by people who have an avid interest in sports and like to keep a track of the time while they are at it. They can withstand water, dust, shocks etc a lot more than luxury watches, which require special care while handling. The best known example of such watches is the Casio G-Shock series, known to have been used by a variety of sports personalities from swimming, cycling etc.

There are a lot of people who buy watches for the sole purpose of investment. They feel that if they preserve the watch well enough for another couple of years, it might fetch them a higher value. While this is true for many cases, it might not turn up always as one intends. Watches, like cars, have a tendency to depreciate in value over time and after purchase. Unless of course you are a famous celebrity with a million people following you, buying a watch for investment is foolhardy unless a really big investment is being made.

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