With an ever increasing amount of cars these days’ accidents have turned out to be very common happenings. Many people die due to car accidents and several get inured severely. If you have been hurt in a car accident, you can claim insurance compensation.

Insurance Claim After Car Accident - Things Not To Tell Insurance Company

Insurance Claim Process

When you claim on your car insurance company, the claim goes through a process that leads to a settlement and immediately an adjuster is assigned to you.

  • Keep in mind that the adjuster or examiner works for the insurance company. They want to save money for their company. They will not consider your interest. You will have to think about yourself.
  • Each claim adjuster will bargain with one other to get the best settlement possible for their insurance company. Your claim adjuster will try to shift blame for the accident onto the other party but remember at the same time they are trying to minimize the amount of your settlement.

If you have been injured in a car accident then it is necessary to determine, if you want to hire a lawyer. You can look for professional personal injury lawyers around your locality in Perth. Make sure that the car accident lawyers Perth has experience in negotiating claim settlements with the insure providers.

This article will explain some interesting points that you should avoid saying to insurance companies to have the best chance of getting your fair compensation.

  1. I am sorry – It is my fault

This answer is already assumed that you were somehow answerable for the accident. The money that you attain in car accident claims depends on how much is your fault in the car crash. Never admit your fault for the car accident.

  1. I am not injured

If you need to report an injury in your car accident settlement, do not self-diagnosis about your injuries. Be honest about the fact that you have an injury but do not give the details until you have seen your physician. 

  • Avoid signing any medical release from the insurance company until you have been properly advised by your lawyer.
  • Tell the company that an injury occurred, and tell the adjuster that you will know more after seeing a doctor.
  1. I Don’t Have a Lawyer

When you retain the services of an experienced personal lawyer, the company will have to recompense your claim. A personal injury lawyer often has more experience than a layperson. Hire an experienced lawyer to estimate the true value of a claim so that both present and future damages are taken into consideration

When dealing with insurance company always tell them the truth. The insurance company will enter a settlement agreement only if it is in the company’s best interests. Having a lawyer working for you is essential in obtaining a fair redemption in your car accident case.

You can easily find many experienced and affordable lawyer online. Contact few of them around your area and hire the one seems best for your car accidental case.