The world of kitchen worktops worked in a binary mode for a long time, going for either marble or granite. They were adequate for most purposes and nobody looked beyond them. But of late, manufacturers have experimented with various other options and shown them to be very useful for such purposes. These include some natural materials as well as some factory made materials developed by fortifying natural materials with various other items. Let us have a look at a couple of such options namely limestone and travertine, that you can consider if you are planning your next kitchen makeovers.

Limestone Worktops

Contemporary designs of kitchen are mostly about utility and ease of use, apart from sleek looks. The effort is to make sure that the food remains unaffected but the cooks do have an easier life. Although, marble worktops are very widely used due to their beautiful texture, they are comparatively brittle and also their surface is porous. So, they soak in various liquids and get discoloured very easily with time. So, of late, use of limestone worktops in London has gained ground as they more or less look similar.

Create Your Dream Kitchen With Limestone and Travertine Worktops

The reason why they are gaining preference is because limestone has a much higher resistance to heat as well as impact. It is a much harder surface compared to marble and is well suited to withstand potential effects such as the rude jolt of a steaming pressure cooker or a boiling kettle of tea. On the flip side, limestone comes with limited colour options. But then, you may just end up liking its natural colour. So, just check it out once with your suppliers and see if the colour and texture works for you, because there was never any doubt about the durability of the material.

Travertine Worktops

Travertine flooring is taking the home decor market by storm nowadays. A Travertine worktop is primarily known for its natural beauty because this material is found in nature with an amazing variety of both colour and texture. You can even find variants with golden or beige hues for travertine. So, this is the ultimate choice for fashion conscious people who are highly concerned about how every corner of their house looks, including those in the kitchen. However, as a natural stone, it does get affected by avoiding material such as vinegar or lemon juice. So, you should be a careful while you work on it and just wipe them quickly if you do end up spilling something on it.

Create Your Dream Kitchen With Limestone and Travertine Worktops

These are by no means the only options for you. But like most others, limestone and travertine have their own unique set of qualities. Eventually your choice will depend on your stylistic preferences and also the nature of activity inside your kitchen. In any case, do make an effort to personally have a look at these materials to get a complete idea before making a purchase. After all, it is your kitchen only you can figure out what looks and works best out there.