Many of us are trying to take healthier steps in our lives such as addressing our diet and fitness. Research has shown that spending time outdoors can have a profound impact on our overall health, fitness and wellbeing. Sunlight lifts our mood and provides vitamin D. Fresh air helps to keep our lungs clear and a high amount of oxygen in our blood. Walking, hiking and other outdoors pursuits ensure we have a good level of cardiovascular fitness too. They have been shown to improve circulation, muscle tone, and the suppleness of joints and tendons. But the great outdoors can be hazardous as well as healthy. Changeable weather, unfamiliar routes, and even natural disasters are all aspects of the danger and unpredictability of the natural world. If we are unprepared or foolhardy, we can quickly find ourselves in difficulty.

Staying Safe

Two of the most important aspects of staying safe include making adequate preparations for staying nourished and hydrated. Dehydration in particular can have serious consequences at a surprisingly rapid rate. We may find our energy levels plummet, confusion sets in, and our motor skills may become impaired. To face all of nature’s challenges, it is imperative that we are adequately prepared. That way, we can be confident of a good physical performance and positive experience overall.

It can be easy to assume that we will have access to clean drinking water, but the reality is that in the wilderness and more remote areas, it can be difficult to find. Even if we are lucky enough to be close to a source of clean drinking water, circumstances can quickly change and a supply can become contaminated. That’s where carrying your own filtering system comes in. Filtering systems of the past have been complicated and cumbersome, but if we use something like a lifesaver bottle, the system is light, compact, and contained in a single bottle. We need never fear finding that all important source of clean water again. As lifesaver bottles filter out bacteria effectively according to the NSF/EPA guidelines, even the dirtiest water is no longer off-limits to us.

A lifesaver bottle consumables pack could keep us healthy and hydrated for the imperative hours, days, and even weeks ahead. Investing in our water supply and becoming self-sufficient is one of the most valuable facets we can add to our survival skills. A lifesaver bottle consumables pack is also compact and easy to carry for longer trips when you still have to travel light.


Challenging ourselves and our limits can be a positive and empowering experience. But we should never knowingly put our health at risk. Ensuring a portable clean water supply is one of the most basic yet essential considerations we must take before embarking upon our next adventure. Even though some setbacks are perhaps inevitable, with careful preparation and a responsible attitude, we will find that all our trips have something positive we can take away from them. Providing clean water helps ensure our survival in even the toughest circumstances.