The term holography is often mixed up with terms such as lenticulars and auto stereoscopy. Even the images that are seemed to appear magically in front of the audience is not related to holographic images or display. Though these displays mostly tend to share some similar technique but then, holographic display is a totally different concept.

It can be compared to sound recording in case one wants a very simple and related example. Just like the way a musical instrument plays a sound track and it get recorded in a disc or a recorder, and is played afterwards when there is no such instrument present but the recorder provides the exact sound, in the same way the subject are fed in to the apparatus that are used to create holographic images. The apparatus reads or records the subject and then displays it under light beam using laser light to create an exact image as the subject was that too when the subject is not present in that platform.

This technology of creating 3D images has been introduced in to the market for business purpose. Holographic display rental Toronto helps their client to use this modern technique in various areas so as to bring a new enthusiasm in meetings.