When it comes to fashion, you must never worry about your size and body shape, as there is a lot in store for everyone. Large men with extra body weight and large posture can also look attractive with some style tips. Dressing good not only enhances your personality but also helps you build your confidence. No matter how big or round-bellied you are, you can still look good and slay the day.

Priorities in Style for Big Men        

  • Fit: One of the most important things that a large size man should look when buying new clothing is the fitting. You don’t want your body shape and size look out of order. So don’t stress much and always go for clothes that fit you well but are not too tight.
  • Simplicity: Dressing simple will make you feel comfortable and won’t create an overwhelming visual impact. Always go for simple patterned or printed shirts and pants.
  • Light Weight Clothing: Decent light weight clothes makes your body look good and doesn’t give you a bulky look. Heavy clothes not only hold the heat but also make your appearance bulkier.

Quick Tips

You need to understand some things, when you are purchasing big men’s clothing. Good clothes won’t alter your body shape or size, they just makes you feel more comfortable and enhances your personality. When you have a large size, always check the fitting and try it once if possible, before you pay for it.

You can use following quick tips to complement your style:

  • Suspenders: Switching from belts to suspenders is quite an option for men with a large size. Belts tend to expose your round belly and stomach fat that may spoil your look. A suspender on the other hand doesn’t bunch up your trouser front.
  • Shirts with Spread Collars: When you are a big guy with a broad face, spread collar shirts are the best for you. They maintain the symmetry of your face and go well with your posture. A big knot tie would be like icing on the cake. It gives a more formal yet warm look.
  • Hat: Wearing a hat would make you jump on the bandwagon. Put on a stylish hat, and you are ready for any kind of outing.
  • Overalls: When you have to go for field work, wearing overalls is the best option. They are quite comfortable and smoothens your belly appearance.
  • Facial Hair: A well groomed beard or moustache can enhance your look like no other thing. It looks stylish and appealing.
  • Un-tucked Shirts: When not going for a formal meeting, you can always tuck out your shirts. It lowers down the emphasis on your waistband and gives a more casual impact. Polo shirts or casual cotton shirts worn untucked gives a very stylish look.

Whether you are big guy or slim one, if you have the right style sense nobody can stop you from stealing attention. So forget about your body type or weight, follow these tips and stay stylish always.