Due to the fiercely competitive nature of the retail market, it’s more important than ever to promote an enjoyable customer experience, and set your brand apart from the crowd.

Design and décor can affect your brand image and footfall significantly, so make sure that you are subtly encouraging customers to buy, through the implementation of certain design techniques. By approaching the construction of your store in the following ways, you can ensure that you are meeting your customers’ needs effectively.

First Impressions Count 

Create a welcoming environment with a striking window display that stands out on the high street, to catch the attention of passers-by and promote your latest collections. High-impact displays also provide an ideal marketing opportunity for social media sharing.

Unsure of how to best display your products? A retail interior designer can work with you to create a vibrant display that has high visibility – encouraging shoppers within.

5 Essential Retail Design Tips

Avoid Clutter 

No matter the size of your retail space, a well-planned route can be the difference between single and multiple purchases, so consider your store layout carefully.  Focal points can be added to encourage customers to pause in certain areas, and wide aisles make for a comfortable route whilst browsing. This can be rather difficult to apply; enlisting a commercial refurbishment company can help you map out your customer journey successfully.

Colour is Key 

Whether you envision a sleek monochromatic space or a bright energetic one, selecting the right colour palette can positively impact the emotional state of shoppers. From statement wall colours to eye-catching flooring, a retail design expert can help to avoid any colour clashes, instead ensuring that your products attract attention and contribute to the entire design.

Let There Be Light 

Target the senses with a bespoke lighting installation, tailored to showcase your products. Instead of the traditional, clinical overhead lighting, try a modern design solution that incorporates lighting into architectural elements; a unique way to make your customers feel at home. Such methods are often tricky to implement, which is why it can be best to approach retail specialists for advice and guidance on your in-store lighting.

Clean and Tidy 

One of the most off-putting elements of a store can be its attitude towards cleanliness. This may not be something you have considered within your design. However, by choosing easy to clean materials for your units and flooring, you can prevent dirty hand prints or stained materials from impacting the appearance of your retail space. Cleverly chosen materials can ensure that your store looks clean and pristine for years to come.

Your store is the bridge between your brand and customer – by providing an engaging experience you can promote shoppers to return, again and again.  A combination of interior and architectural design methods help to create a stunning space, which influences customers to buy.

By considering these needs and enlisting some expert advice from an experienced design company, you can create a beautiful space that perfectly reflects your brand.

This article was written by Kelly Gilmour-Grassam with helpful information from Kerr Interiors. Kelly is a Yorkshire lass who loves eating exciting food in inspiring places.