when to talk about media-related inventions whether it is photography, invention of television or inventing concepts for computer but it raises one brows when he gets to know British people do not know much about computer field.

The news came into limelight when the internet giant Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt pointed out the education system of Britain.

Schmidt was present in Edinburgh to deliver a lecture at the Media Guardian Edinburgh Internet Television Festival. It is one of the prestigious media festivals where all prominent figures of the media industry come to present the lecture. Rupert Murdoch and his son James are one of the speakers, which had delivered lecture in the festival. But Schmidt is the only person till now who had delivered the lecture despite being from different field than media.

Schmidt said irrespective of the advancement in the computer technology the main focus of Britain’s education system is in the arts stream or in science. Though, he made clear that there is no doubt children are taught how to use the software but when it comes to developing the software then they are clue less. And, the result is Britain is far behind in the race of producing good computer advocators.