Wearing a watch on your wrist is no longer seen to be a necessity for keeping time, but it has come on to evolve to serve a different purpose altogether. People have nowadays started to perceive wrist watches as one of the most easy to flaunt accessory they can flaunt and this fact can be confirmed by seeing the frequent use of wristwatches made by people all across the world. The wristwatch segment in  the market today is thronged by a lot of different brands and in spite of the host of options at hand for any watch user, there are some brands which have managed to carve out a separate niche for themselves in the market. Rolex is one such niche brand which pioneers the wristwatch segment in the market owing to a lot of different reasons. The innovative, state of the art technology which powers the various Rolex models is one reason why this watch has come on to become so famous.

It is not only that Rolex has gone on to assume respect in the eyes of the consumers for it’s path breaking technology in the recent times . this has been a characteristic feature of Rolex since a very long time. A true testament from history of the watch can be the awarding of the chronometer certification to Rolex by Kew Observatory , back in 1914.

As like many other technological features of any wrist watch, one of the most defining feature of Rolex has been the automatic movements feature of this exclusive watch brand. Rolex has to it’s credit the launching of the world’s very first self winding watch model, way back in the year 1931. The model made use of the movement of winder’s arm to power such an innovative move of that time. This technology had a dual benefit- it reduced the effort and time required for watch winding and also went on to keep the pressure on the spring highly consistent. All in all, this provided for a watch keeping which was much more accurate and reliable in the longer run.

Another very important technological innovation which has come on to be a part of the various models marketed by Rolex is quartz movement .The Oysters line of watches from Rolex which were launched in the 1960s made very good use and implementation of such a technology in them, aimed towards a better and a more efficient time keeping.