It is natural that skin cells starts losing their elasticity with growing age. The effects result with the formation of different expressions that changes the look of the face. Some faces look tired while some feel their confidence lowering. Some faces look like angry or full of worries. Thus, to restore youth, people choose forehead lift surgery.

Forehead plus brow lifts is a permanent solution without surgeries. It can be merged with eyelid procedures or could be done alone. With a skilled surgeon and advanced technology at Beverly Hills CA forehead lift, recovery is faster and results are better.

Get Back To Your Youth And See Your Ultimate Beautiful Face

About Forehead Lift

Forehead lift surgery by an experienced surgeon restores a youthful contour. It helps tightening all soft tissues of forehead. There are different methods for this procedure. The surgeon shall suggest the best suitable method for you. Every year many people undergo this surgery and are also happy with results. One should consider Forehead Lift surgery –

  • When you see horizontal creases on your forehead
  • Sagging
  • When you see fat tissues hanging above your eyes
  • Furrows between or across your eyes or nose


These days, the procedures are short and simple with modern technology. Choosing the kind of procedure depends on your facial tissues, natural looks and preferences. Some of the procedures are –

  • Open brow lift
  • Long incision
  • Endoscopic brow lift
  • Limited incision technique

Choosing a Surgeon

You should choose a surgeon depending on –

  • Experience of surgeries
  • Certification and education
  • Whether you are comfortable
  • Are they members of board certified company

Initial Consultation

In initial consultation, you can clearly discuss about your expectations. You shall get to know the effects and benefits of forehead and brow lift. According to your face, the surgeon shall suggest you the right procedure. You should be prepared with the answers related to the below mentioned questions.

  • Your history on cosmetic surgery
  • Any previous surgeries
  • Any allergies
  • Your drug use
  • Your expectations

Recovery and Care

Your surgeon shall give you information on when you can get back to normal activity, or also about the time when you recover completely. You should have information on –

  • Symptoms
  • Any potential complications
  • Incision care
  • Recovery time for you
  • All basics to be followed in your everyday life
  • Removal of staples
  • When to resume to work totally or driving
  • Exercises
  • Sensations


You can expect best final results after six months from surgery. This time is enough to heal everything and give you a youthful appearance. This may return mildly after long years but with protection and good health, you can maintain the effect for prolonged period.


There are no major issues with forehead lift surgery but some people may face certain reactions, changes in sensation, may get scared, allergies, reaction to anesthesia, etc. One can certainly avoid these problems if they follow the surgeon’s instructions before and after the surgery.

It is ideal to maintain follow up consultations with your surgeon, to enjoy healthy and beautiful youthful appearance for longer years.