The functioning of body largely depends on all the organs together but liver is said to be the main part dealing with the other organs directly for their functioning. If anytime a congested liver symptom is produced it is better to take proper treatment as it can lower the quality of life disturbing the road towards hurdles and pits. Liver disease is also known as hepatic disease. The metabolism of sugar, fat and iron largely depends upon the liver.

Increase The Quality Of Life by Using Some Home Remedies For Liver Problems

The liver diseases might result in fatigue, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, weakness, paleness in the skin color resulting to jaundice, etc. In some extreme cases, liver damage requires medication and even liver transplant. But the liver can easily regenerate the cells damaged by certain home remedies and natural therapies-

  • Milk thistle-It is a natural herb, which work wonders in the cases of viral hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis and other toxicity caused by certain chemicals. The herb is effective and proven to be safe for short term use for treating liver diseases.
  • Gooseberry-Indian gooseberry that is also called amla has certain liver protecting functions that are very rich in vitamin C. Eating amla in salad by adding salt to taste it better can help in protecting and proper functioning of the liver.
  • Apple cider vinegar-Intake of a tablespoon of vinegar with water before meals helps in metabolizing the fat easily. This mixture if taken three times a day cleanses the liver, leading to proper functioning.
  • Papaya-For curing the problems related to liver cirrhosis, papaya with lemon juice on it is very beneficial for curing such liver diseases.
  • Turmeric-The antiseptic and antioxidants properties present in the turmeric provides improvement leading to a healthy liver. On the other hand, it also prevents the multiplication of viruses caused by hepatitis B and C.
  • Avocados and walnuts-the glutathione present in avocados removes the toxin deposits from the liver and making it healthy.
  • Carrot Juice-The carrot juice mixed with spinach juice is very beneficial for treating faulty livers if it taken at regular basis for a few days.
  • Green Tea-The green tea also works in a very good way curing the liver damages as it has catechins presents in it, which is good for the liver.
  • Fasting- Liver is a resilient organ that needs detoxification processes to reduce the burden of nutrients and fats on it. This can be done by fasting for a day reducing the burden on the liver.

Apart from the above mentioned remedies to cure the damaged liver, exercising can also cure the liver. Nourishing the body with good quality food containing high fiber diets can keep the blood clean and the body hydrated. Health supplements also support liver health and are proven to be safe for short term use.

Stress can also increase the liver congestion so one should take time to breathe and relax the body. Eating food that is cool and bitter such as bitter gourds, beans and fresh dairy can make liver and digestion strong.