Mobile platforms have created the door for accessible and portable learning. These educational apps have defined the meaning of “Learning on the go”. It is worth considering E learning app as a valuable substitution to offline or brick and mortar traditional learning. There are several things to consider while choosing the app for preparation. Some are listed below:

  1. Results oriented: Online learning app should have an effective self evaluation system at the end of each chapter which helps the students to know about their weaknesses and strengths. The grading system is highly organized and easy, adding to that, the feedback machinery has the best algorithm to show the students on areas of improvement.
  1. Accreditation: The courses should be backed by the subject matter experts.

One can go for credit checks of the teachers on the net or trustworthy certification site. On the internet when everything is almost instantly available, you also have access to country’s best subject matter expert in a jiffy.

  1. Learning and Visualizing: The apps should make the best use of learning while visualizing. In short, it should make learning fun and engaging on the go. The child should learn without making an effort to learn.
  1. Peer to peer learning: This is important that the students get an interactive, engaged pedagogy, which is mostly absent in schools/ offline classes. According to researches conducted around the world , the benefits in achievement generally occur when class size is reduced to less than 20 students. But in India, average class size is 40, which makes it difficult for the student to keep up with the chapters and doubts. Unlike classrooms, With online app, the lessons can be paused, replayed and restarted whenever the student wants. The online education app acts as a personal space between the student and the teacher.
  1. Cost effective: The student shouldn’t be worrying about the skyrocketing cost of course fee they have to pay for attending offline preparatory courses offline.

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