So, you have been considered for a product manager position and now you have an interview scheduled soon. You are so excited to finally get the chance to show your dream employer how you can be an asset to their company. You research about the company and rehash on all the projects and trainings you’ve undertaken to be prepared for the role.

But aside from having undergone product management training and relevant projects, a job interview for that much coveted role will require having the appropriate behavior and giving your future employer the impression that you are the right candidate for the job. Here are a few things you need to avoid during your interview:

Giving Your Opinion About Their Product

You are not in a focus group discussion, so your opinion about the product as a customer is not relevant or impressive. It will also not be helpful for you to patronize the product during the interview. It would be better to present how you would go about the process of involving your future team in collaborating and coming up with ways to improve the current features of the product.

Things To Avoid During A Product Manager Interview

Complaining About Management

Becoming a product manager means that you understand that your role involves having to work with different people and teams who will not always understand the big picture, and it is your responsibility as product manager to influence everyone within your team to work together towards the success of your product. Complaining about management or the system will never get anything done, so you have to show during your interview how you intend to collaborate with different stakeholders and business units so that you all work together towards a common goal.

Lack of Foresight

A good product manager always has the end in mind. Show your interviewer that you are confident about leading your team to a successful product launch by providing them with a solid plan of action, presenting ways you would measure the achievement of set goals, and how you envision the success of your product.

Saying “If Only…”

Doing this only shows that you acknowledge that work limitations will serve as valid hindrances towards the success of your product. Your interviewer is aware that the work environment will not be ideal, but as a product manager, you are expected to see past the imperfections and cultivate a culture of collaboration. You will need to demonstrate your ability to work with different types of people and show that you are able to adjust to different types of circumstances and use every situation to get closer to set goals.

Having the skills and experiences required for the product manager role is one thing that makes you qualified for the position, but being able to show that you are capable of handling the job during the interview is what will convince your future employer that you deserve to be hired. Remember to avoid these things during your upcoming interviews and you will be signing that product manager contract very soon!

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