Often, boys meet bilingual girls who don’t have the same native language. Such a relationship can be unique, because the couple doesn’t come from the same cultural backgrounds. Here are some tips boys should consider to proceed with the relationship:

1. Be a man:

It’s quite likely that the girl doesn’t share the same native language. They could be from Asia, Europe or America. Not to worry, it is important to be a real man! We shouldn’t brag to our friends that we have gotten a “foreign chick”. We should be a real man and have respect for the girl. We should also treat her customs, traditions and family with respect. Don’t consider anything as “weird”, because we could have some unusual traditions ourselves.

Four Tips On Dating With A Bilingual Girl
2. Consider learning her language and custom:

This is a good sign that we are committed to the relationship. Learning new relationships can be a good experience, enriching our lives with new, wonderful things. It is also a quite admirable thing to do, because learning a new language can be particularly difficult. Despite how many books we buy and foreign films we watch, it requires an extraordinary amount of practice, especially we don’t live in the country.

But fortunately, learning a language is a bit like riding a bike. Once we are proficient with it, we will remember most of it for the rest of our lives. Even if we don’t have the mental and intellectual capacity to do this, at least it is important to know some basic words, such as thank you, please, no and yes. Her family will appreciate our effort.

3. Try to blend in:

It could be the time to gather with our girlfriend’s big family, if our relationship starts to get serious. This could be a rather nerve wracking situation, especially if we are not too familiar with their custom. There could be times when someone speaks to us and we can’t understand him/her. The safest way to respond is by smiling and nodding. This is a good way to blend in and try to draw minimal attention.

If the father or an elder tells a joke in his native language and everybody erupts in laughter, what should we do? We should at least grin widely, instead of poke at our plate stoically. We should avoid sticking out like a sore thumb in the family. It is important to play along within a certain degree.

4. Be trustful to everyone in her family:

It can be terrifying to be within a group of people and we don’t have any idea about things that they say. This kind of worry is quite legitimate. We can’t assume that everyone is discussing about us. We have to rely on our partner and fully trust her. In many cases, we need her help to interpret the situation and help us get familiarized. After a few months, we will be able to understand their customs and can be more trustful.

Dating with a bilingual girlfriend can be a unique experience and these steps should help us deal with most challenges.