Renting anywhere in London can be difficult, and this is no different in the South West. Finding that perfect property can take a long time, and the good properties can get snapped up fast so you have to be quick.

Here is a guide to renting in South West London to help you find your perfect place to live in the capital.

Research the different boroughs

There are a number of boroughs to choose from in South West London, including:

  • Croydon;
  • Kingston upon Thames;
  • Richmond upon Thames;
  • Sutton;
  • Lambeth;
  • Wandsworth;
  • Merton.

If you are unfamiliar with these boroughs, it makes sense to visit them and take a look around each. You may find that one of them strikes you as a more suitable place to live due to the transport links, parks, supermarkets and other amenities.

Find Out where to get the Most for your Money

Not everywhere will have the same rental prices. Some places in London are more expensive for renters than others, and the prices can differ between boroughs.

Perhaps the best way to get quick access to the best deals is to speak to an estate agent like Eden Harper, which specialises in the area. Talk to them, tell them what you are looking for and what you need, and they will provide you with details of their latest properties and the available prices. See more great deals this way, and then you can snap a place up quickly when you find something you like the look of.

Don’t Fall for the Bad Deals

We’ve all seen the stories of terrible rental deals being advertised by unscrupulous landlords. For example, the Daily Mail recently reported on how a bed in a kitchen was being advertised for £400 a month in Kingston-upon-Thames.

If you find a good estate agent, you will not have to worry about being taken advantage of, which is another good reason to use the services of an agent.

Look for Factors other than Price

There are other things to consider than the price of the rent. For example, according to an article in The Telegraph, Merton is the second happiest place for flat sharing even though it is not the cheapest.

Another factor to consider is the crime rate. In the same article, Ealing residents said they felt that their area had a low crime rate. Residents of Bromley said that they liked it for its great restaurants. And a majority of the people surveyed living in the City of Westminster said they chose the area for its transport links.

Start Your Property Search

Finding the right rental property can be tough, especially in an area as competitive as South West London. Choose a borough where you would like to live, then speak to an estate agent with knowledge of the area and keep your eyes open for suitable properties.

Remember to be quick when the ideal property shows up, and you will soon find yourself the perfect place to live.