Angelina Jolie, one of the ambassadors of the brand Louis Vuitton, was recently photographed wearing the latest fashion handbags 2016 of the renowned fashion house. Despite the exorbitant price of 3,000 pounds, it has become the new “must-have” bag of fashionistas everywhere around the world.Named after the street in Paris where the first store Louis Vuitton store was opened in 1854, Rue des Cappuccinos, the Cappuccinos bag represents the transition from the famous models with monograms, copied worldwide to the latest season handbags with simple patterns of a classic elegance.

Find Out Which Are The Latest Fashion HandbagsThe success of this bag, which currently no longer in stock in any store in the world, marks the return to power of the brand Louis Vuitton, which over time has struggled to regain the reputation of a ultra-exclusive brand, reputation tarnished because of the large number of fake items on the market. However, the fashion house does not give up and comes with new and ingenious solutions to get over this crisis.

Capucines bag is made entirely of calfskin and it is subject to a small number of chemical processes to avoid diminishing its qualityin this way. Thus, the texture of the bag is extremely durable and qualitative. The same leather is also used by fashion house Hermes, whose handbags Kelly and Birkin are still on the list of most popular latest fashion handbags in the world. However, the Capucines bag attracts the eyes through its very simple, yet very elegant and chic design. Monochrome, this is one of the latest fashion handbags which can be worn on different occasions. Its retro design is indispensable for a classic outfit with a twist. Its straight lines make it a very chic accessory; however, this does not mean that the outfit you can match it to should be a very exclusivity one. On the contrary, you can wear such a bag to a various number and types of outfits, from extra elegant to casual or office

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