Fashion is a prevailing behavior, practice or style in makeup, clothing, accessories and footwear for both men and women. Wearing stylish attire, makeup or accessory not only makes a bold statement about one’s personality, but also makes one stand out.

Fashion Mistake You Should Avoid In 2017

Fashion has been there since time immemorial. However, no matter how hard we try to perfect our sense of style, honestly we have not yet achieved the desired perfection. We all make individual mistakes and with the New Year around the corner; we don’t want to repeat the same mistakes again come the year 2017. Here are tips to help you avoid the same mistakes:

1. Ditch tight fitting clothes – Avoid clogging your wardrobe with those tight fitting clothes. They are not elegant and they make one look larger than they actually are. Go for decent and fitting attires.

2. Avoid clothes that are too revealing – Most women make a major mistake of wearing something that is either too tight or too loose. Ensure your clothes fit you properly. Too much exposure is not sexy at all. Aim at that elegant and decent look.

3. Wearing tights as pants – Tights should never be worn as pants but they should mostly be worn under summer dress. Normally, they are used to complement a certain outfit since they don’t offer much body coverage.

4. Avoid wearing impractical shoes – It will be more practical if one wears shoes that she can comfortably walk in. Why wear very high heels that you can’t walk properly in if you are not a accustomed to them?

5. Avoid too many jewelry – Too many jewelries such as those oversized earrings, statement necklaces, and chunky bangles, downgrades ones look. Wear minimal jewelry for a more organized and elegant look.

6. Wearing visible panty lines – There is nothing that sucks than seeing beautiful elegant woman dresses in an attire with revealing panty lines. It is embarrassing and should be avoided at all costs.

7. Wearing makeup to the beach – Just like no makeup is needed a the gym, wearing to the beach is one of the worst mistakes that people adopt. It should never cross your mind.

8. Too much face powder – Wearing powder is recommended to give a fuller coverage on an oily skin. However, too much of it gives an unnatural looking face and hinder the skin from perspiring. Just use enough powder especially on T-zone of the face

9. Over-lining eyes – Eye-liner is an essential part of make up since it creates a well defined eyes and it creates fuller eyelashes. Avoid too much of it since it gives eyes a fuller and larger appearance thus creating an unnatural black ring round the eyes

10. Avoid skipping Mascara – This is an essential part of a beauty routine. However skipping it will create a ‘’spidery’ ’effect thus giving your eyes a tired look.

11. Avoid Sleeping in your makeup – Sleeping in your makeup is the worst punishment one can give to her skin. It clogs all the pores eventually causing breakouts. The makeup left overnight hinders the renewing process.

12. Failure to set your concealer – Concealer is an essentials makeup particularly for reducing dark circles under the eyes. Always set the concealer using a thin coat of translucent powder. This reduces creases and leaves the eyes looking brighter.

13. Failure to clean makeup brushes – Makeup brushes are used on daily basis and they collect a lot of debris on your face. This creates a breeding place for bacteria. Wash the brushes as frequent as you use them.

14. Avoid keeping makeup for too long – Every makeup has an expiry date. Never use a product past the expiration date.

15. Avoid wearing a waterproof mascara every day – Waterproof mascara is essential when you don’t want the mascara to run down the face. Its daily use dries the lashes, making them brittle and they eventually break off. Always use regular mascara.

16. Avoid applying Makeup in dull light – Always wear your makeup in a room with a natural light.


It is now clear that when we talk about various styles mistakes, we mean those long held habit we cling for so long without the desire to break them; those clichés we still believe in. Practice makes perfection. With much practice and desire to change, we will make the best fashionist as come the year 2017. To have a high sense of style, you don’t have to dig deeper into your pocket, but you can properly utilize what you have in your wardrobe and practice the above rules.