Purchasing the best UV protection face shield is never enough, you need to follow the recommended procedure on how you’ll handle various safety issues. In this article, I will highlight some of the most important safety procedures. They will help you to use the UV shield effectively. These include:

The 5 UV Protection Face Shield Safety Procedures You Must Know

The Written Operational Procedures

Well, it’s you have a face shield, then life does not revolve around putting on when you’re going to the workshop and removing it when you’re done. The situation may seem more complicated when dealing with other safety equipment such as the auto-darkening welding helmets. What do I imply here? You need to read all the written documents these devices come with. Depending on the complexity of the safety equipment, it may have quite a number of instructions and these may include:

  1. The maintenance procedure
  2. Necessary precautions and manufacturers recommendations
  3. The certifications and standards

Training People how to use the UV Protection Face Shield

Not everyone know and understands how to use these face safety equipment. Again, giving them manuals is not tantamount to reading and understanding what it entails. This is where most safety management teams go wrong. Normally, there are the non-skilled workers and these category of people may not understand the technical terms in these manuals.

Again, most people only understand the importance of these UV protections when they are already suffering after exposure. As their employer, you need enlighten them on this critical aspect.

In addition to this, it will be appropriate if you could organize seminars or workshops focusing on the UV safety. Training should be a continuous process to eliminate chances of misusing this safety equipment.


In most companies, you’ll find warning messages. A good example is “machine doesn’t have brain, use yours” or “UV radiation hazard”. Alternatively, they may opt for photos that depict injuries or death. It is important to implement this within the workshop or the company. These will act as remainders so that the workers may not expose themselves to the UV radiations.

You need to label the main sources of UV radiation. The labels should be conspicuous. This will also act as a good reminder and it will always compel the workers to have their face shields on.

Enforcing Regulations

Putting all other factors constant, human beings can only coexist when there are rules that control their activities. You need to implement rules that focus on personal protective equipment. These should include the face shield protection equipment, the use of gloves, helmets or clothes.

For instance, no one should be allowed to operate any equipment in the workshop without the right safety equipment. This a common rule in a number of industrial set ups and it has also proved to be handy. They must also conform to the international and local rules and regulations.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Safety

This is a crucial process in the UV protection face shield enforcement process. You need to evaluate the effectiveness of all strategies to ensure that they yield the desired results. This should include the new cases of injuries and category of workers who are prone to these injuries. A safety shield procedure can only be considered to be effective if the number injuries or case reduce. Otherwise, all these efforts will be futile