The Beginning-

GPS software in mobile phones are the flavor of the season. Gone are the days when private investigators were hired to track people down and keep a tab on their movements. With the introduction of the GPS, not only has the cost gone down but the levels of efficiency have also increased manifold. To specifically zero in on the location of any individual was thought to be the exclusive domain of America’s military dominance. But with globalization and rapid interlinking of diverse cultures, ideas and technology have disseminated rapidly from one corner of the world to the other, turning abstract thoughts into concrete realities.

The main attraction of these GPS systems is their proficient and detailed analysis of the individual. Since most users prefer downloading these programs rather than buying them physically, the specificity of the programs has amazed one and all. Installing it on cellular devices allows the user to get details about the present location of the individual, the route he/she took to get there and the call records and messages the individual indulges in. There is a wide array of GPS programs available in the market today and all of them are equally good. But here are certain selected ones which have been certified to be of supreme quality.

An in-depth study-

Buddyway:  This software ranks above the rest, both in terms of quality and efficiency. It comes in handy for people who travel a lot. Travelling usually involves a lot of documentation and collation. But, the route through which the travel was carried out is seldom recorded. Buddyway helps in recording the routes taken while travelling, which can then be shared with friends and family members alike. The movements can also be followed by friends and family on Google maps. Installing it is free of any extra charge.

Nav 4 All: This software comes loaded with GPS navigation systems and maps and is compatible with cellular devices which support GPS softwares. It contains a list of some of the most essential sites such as restaurants, hospitals, theatres and police stations and also generates an exact estimate of the distance from the user’s home. These locations can be stored under the favorites section and shared with family and friends. It also gives an account of the amount of time spent at these places and the quickest possible way to reach it.

Noni GPS Plot: A very useful tool for people who have a tendency to forget their parking locations. It shows the starting and ending points in any trip which allows the user to retrace his journey in case he loses his way. Customized with built in maps from Google, it has become a favorite with many users. It also calculates the distance between the starting and ending points of any trip. It is highly effective and can be installed on the cellular devices without any additional charges.

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