The island of Koh Tao is a famous tourist spot. Though small in size, the island is a hub of adventure packed activities. A large numbers of tourists visit the island throughout the year. The stunning landscape, the deep blue azure waters and the crystal clear blue sky all beautify the lonely island.


Koh Tao also known as “The Turtle Land” is famous for its diving courses. The island is home of scuba diving and offers the best diving experiences for both beginners and the trained divers.  The gold sand beaches with a promenade of palm trees and cool breeze give the island a perfect tropical climate.

There are plenty of diving sites where in you can dive deep and watch the rich marine flora and fauna.  You need to know lesser known facts to book the best diving course in Koh Tao.

More than half a century diving courses exist on the promenades of the island. However the two names PADI and SSI roar in the airs of the isle. Both have their own conventional teaching methods and aids.

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors): This organisation has more than 6000 diving courses in the world and is known for its professional service. Those who want to pursue a diving career must undergo training with the PADI.

Enjoy The Adventurous Diving In The Waters Of Koh Tao

SSI (Scuba Schools International): This group of diving offers diving course in Koh Tao at reasonable prices. The charges are about 10% lesser than those of the PADI.

Details of the Diving Course in Koh Tao:

The complete diving is delivered in a maximum of three days. You will get volumes to read, daring videos to watch and finally stepping into the waters to dive underneath.

  • On the very first day the participants of the course are taught about the basic of the diving paraphernalia and effects of diving on human body. After that you will be introduced to the water with fundamental diving skills.
  • The next day, a session is conducted to know the feedback of the contestants and discuss their viewpoints. Later you have diving sessions in the afternoon.
  • On the third day, you are brought in the open waters where in you can dive. Different types of tests are conducted to evaluate the diving skills and eliminate the fear factor of the candidates.
  • Once the contestant has finished the course properly and qualified the entire test, he/she is handled the diving certificate that permits them to dive anywhere.

The diving courses are quite economical. For a PADI course you will need approx. 9,800 baht (Thailand Currency). The minimum fee for a SSI course is about 9,000 baht.  Apart from the course fee, you need to pay the rental and other food charges.

All the courses are offered under expert supervision. Appropriate methods are used to ensure the safety of the participants.

If you dare enough to splash with the deep waters, just plan a vacation to Koh Tao and spend dauntless moments underwater.Join the diving sessions and easily pick up the lessons to dive like a pro.