Advancement of technology and rising craze of videogames encourage the game developers to develop and release innovative games with advanced features and functionalities. However, in the rush of videogames only a few sustain and the others become extinct with time. NHL and Madden are two of such games that successfully stand the test of time. NHL videogame series is developed by EA and launched by Electronic Arts simulates the professional ice hockey tournament. Madden NFL series is developed by EA Tiburon that is an emulation of American football sports.

Features of NHL 17

The frantic admirers of these games are gifted with new advanced versions each year, this year is no difference. With the release of latest version of NHL series gamers are eagerly awaiting to explore its new features with the hope that newly integrated features would make them enthralled.  With progress of the game gamers you obtain the chance of relishing more advanced customization option that necessitates buying cheap NHL 17 coins. Basic options such as choosing the colors for sports ground like walls, block of seats, railing are also available. Even gamers would be also able to choose with progression the entrance music as well as the goal music. Developers have expanded the multiplayer gaming mode with focus on providing the players more means to customize and personalize the gaming experience like altering the hue of the spotlight that shines above the goal scorer and set the pattern and color of the stanchions in-between the glass. This version provides more customization options than before that are thought to be exhilarating for the enthusiastic gamers.

Irrespective of the platform this new version bestows you with new game modes to connect preferred team and players. Draft Championship is also incorporated in this latest version where gamers would attain the excitement of playing in fancy draft night mode along with star power team. This mode was actually introduced in the previous version and instantly gained popularity amongst the fans who wanted to relish the fantasy football feeling devoid of the dedication required to play in Ultimate Team. Besides making decision for the team now the gamers need to meet the expectations of the club’s owner including managing finance for the facility upgrades, concession process, tickets and promotional nights and salaries for the coaches and players. The owner expectation would be based on the status of the team and whether the player is in rebuilding phase or a contender of playoff phase.

Like NHL 17, Madden 17 has also something new to offer to the fans. Its accounted that the gamers can feel the changes in how the players revert to the commands while performing special move. Intrinsically, the players now need to face more challenges while competing with other players in online gaming session and this instigates the essentiality of investing on cheap Madden 17 coins.