House music is a genre of electronic dance music that was born in the early 80s in the American city of Chicago. “Your Love” by Jamie Principle is said to be the first house hit in history and “On&On” by Jesse Saunders the first album.

Like it or not, this kind of music is the direct descendant of the disco sound that broke all the social and racial differences even if only in the dance floor. Actually, it first became popular in the nightclubs targeted atAfro-American and Latin audiences. House music gained popularity and expanded to other cities such as New York and Detroit. Later on, it arrived to Europe where it became a mass phenomenon that influenced other music genres such as pop and dance music.

Nowadays, the main influences of house music are electro, synthpop and electronic music. As well as its predecessor; disco, but tending to be more electronic and minimalist. There are also many variants of house music such as Acid House, Chicago House, Progressive House, Deep House, etc.

The popularity of house music and its variants has become so great that it’s common to listen to this kind of music at many radio stations or nightclubs all around the world. Here we are going to recommend some house DJs we specially enjoy listening to.

Carl Cox

Carl Cox is specialized in mixing house with techno, producingtech-house hits. He was born in Barbados but nowadays lives in England. He is one of the best known DJs and producers worldwide, and he well deserves it. He has performed in many international festivals such as Aquasella and performs in many major parties in Ibiza. Nowadays, he leads “Intec Records” and “23rd Century Records”. Moreover, he is the announcer of his own radio program at Maxima FM Radio.


Eric Estornel, better known as MaceoPlex, is one of the most promising house and techno DJs in the world. Known for the diverse style of his productions, he’s been a longtime performer in many Ibiza clubs, such as Space or Amnesia. Nowadays, he hosts his own party every Tuesday at Pacha Ibiza, known as Mosaic by Maceo Ibiza. Besides his performance as the resident DJ he invites his favorite artists creating the greatest underground house line-up in the island.

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki is an American electrohouse DJ and producer. Born in Miami and raised up in California with Japanese roots, he has become one of the best DJs in the world (the 10th one precisely according to the annual survey about the Top 100 DJ’s of the world conducted by the DJmagmagazine). He is also the founder of “Dim Mak Records” and a clothing collection with the same name launched in 2006 together with his sister.

Anyway, these are just three DJs we specially like. There are hundreds of great house music DJs and producers, each one of them with their specific style. Take your time to discover the ones you like more.