The moment your baby starts teething is the moment to begin oral care for both your baby’s teeth and gums. It is necessary that you take special care of your baby’s teeth and gums during this period to ensure proper oral growth and development. It would also be very helpful to your child if they learnt oral hygiene tricks from the very start. Good oral care during childhood aids proper growth of adult teeth as well. Take a look at thepointers below that you can follow to ensure that your baby’s oral care is taken care of properly.

Oral Care For Your Little One

  1. Always keep contact details of any pediatric dentist in Mumbai in case of any emergency or quick tips. When your baby starts teething, take your baby to the dentist and follow the advice given to a T.
  2. Clean your baby’s mouth with lukewarm water after every meal from the very beginning – even before they start teething.
  3. After the teeth grow out, make sure that your child brushes their teeth every night before sleeping. This prevents tooth decay, cavities and the likes.
  4. Try not to give a huge amount of fluoride toothpaste to your child when they brush. Always make sure that your child is not swallowing any toothpaste while brushing.
  5. Replace the toothbrush after every couple of months. Always buy toothbrushes from reliable brands, and make sure that the bristles are soft so they aren’t uncomfortable for your child.
  6. Always make sure that your childdrinks water after every meal. Water brushes off the food particles from the teeth and helps in keeping the mouth clean. This habit once made will help your child later in life as well. Hydration is also a very important habit for a healthy adult life.
  7. Tooth decay can even cause eye problems. If your child is suffering from eye and ear problems at the same time, book an appointment with achild eye specialist in Mumbai and clarify the reason behind these problems. It is better to be certain about these problems, because if they increase, they can cause a lot of other problems as well.
  8. Use toothpastes that arespecificallymade for children if your child is below the age of three. The high amount of fluoride in adults’ toothpastes can be harmful for children. It is alsoadvised by dentists that children below the age of three shouldn’t use adults’ toothpastes.
  9. Brush your baby’s teeth with gentle strokes. Make circular movement with the toothbrush very softly so that you don’t hurt their tender gums. Make sure that they follow these methods when brushing on their own.
  10. Avoid giving sugary foods and chocolatesto your young child in order to prevent tooth decay from the very beginning. If you teach them to avoid sugar at a young age, then you can ensure that under your care, the chances of them having poor oral hygiene and tooth decay are minimal. Make sure that even the baby foodyou give them are sugar free.

These ten tips will help your children get the perfect oral care that they deserve. Your child will be very appreciative of these habits later in life if you follow these tips regularly.