When you deal with solar power and renewable technologies you deal with high-value and high-quality products; not something that people buy every day. Consequently you need to develop lead generation tactics that effectively target the buyers, so you don´t waste money on campaigns that don’t bring results. Your portal to better lead generation in the solar industry is your website. And the leads you bring in will only be as good as the website you develop. Make a difference to your lead generation by improving your website – take a look at these tips for some ideas.

  1. Don´t Forget the Contact Details

You may think that because you have a website your potential customers have already contacted you, so why put contact details on the site? But people often need to call or to speak to you in person before they make the decision to buy solar panels. You don´t generate online solar leads simply by setting up a website – you need to give people the chance to get in touch with your personally, too.

  1. Add Contact and Quote Forms

Make sure that every page has an easy-to-use form so people can fill out their details for more information and a quote. Don´t ask for too much information as people will be reluctant to part with it, but you do need an email address, the area they live, and their name. You will see good examples of contact forms on quote comparison websites in the solar industry, which are effective forms of solar lead generation. Put the form above the fold so no one has to scroll down to access it.

  1. Add Customer Testimonials

Buying solar panels can be a risky prospect for some people and it really helps when they can see the evidence that your product is high quality and you are a reliable and professional firm. Make sure that the testimonials are genuine and that they look genuine – otherwise you risk creating a spammy site that turns people away.

  1. Add Online Video

Videos are valuable marketing tools for bringing in solar power leads. Video adds credibility to your site and also makes it easier for you to give technical information in an accessible fashion. Always include your company details and contact information in the video so people don´t have to scroll back and forth to find out how to get in touch.

  1. Use the Right Language

When describing your solar panel deals makes sure your language is persuasive and powerful. Use action words that put the product directly in front of the customer. This will help people picture owning solar panels and realising why this will make a difference in their life. Create compelling copy to generate more leads.