Homeowners feel proud to own a solar power system. It saves on utility bills as well as save the rapidly depleting non-renewable sources used to supply energy like coal and fuel.

After installation, homeowners need to maintain the solar panels. Even though maintenance is little, homeowners need to take care of it, so as to enhance their shelf life. Many repairs, fixes and maintenance are considered to be DIY projects, but regarding solar power system, performing it yourself can wind up being dangerous and costly.

Solar Panel needs Low Maintenance

The most appealing feature of solar panel is their competence to tolerate the elements. They are specially designed for outdoor usage and solar panels can perform well without maintenance for months.

Moreover, rain takes care of keeping the solar panel clean. To make sure that the solar power system works in optimal condition, there is regular need for maintenance in places where rainfall is infrequent. Air borne particles like dust, pollen, bird feces, dirt & grime and dried leave residue can get accumulated on the panels, which can cut down system efficiency.

Solar Panel Mechanism

To understand how dirt, dust and grime accumulation impacts the solar panel efficiency, let’s first figure out how they work.

  • Solar panels are designed from an array of silicon cells
  • Cells are comprised of negative and positive side, where one side contains more electrons in comparison
  • When sunrays hit the cells, electrons get agitated and start moving
  • Movement of electrons creates an energy, which is harnessed as electricity

Clean panels can absorb optimal amount of sunrays, so it can generate sufficient level of electricity. This is the reason why solar panels need to be kept clean. In addition, less efficiency adds to lessen the saving cost benefits of solar panel installation.

Drawback of DIY Maintenance

To avoid losses or to maintain efficiency, several homeowners clean and maintain their PV system in spite of several dangers connected with it. They carefully clean the panel surface with water and soap mixture. However, for rooftop system, training is necessary. Some solar panels need special cleaning solution, and if ignored, then it can cause damage. Other issues that can occur are –

Cracks – In summer, solar panels get very hot and washing it with cold water using garden hose can crack the panels. From these cracks, small shadows get casted, which automatically lowers their efficiency.

Scratches – Incorrect cleaning method or abrasive cleaning supplies can scratch panel surface, which impacts the systems functioning competence.

Residue – Washing with mixture of water and soap can leave behind residue. Dust sticks to this residue easily and lead to dirtier panels.

Water waste – Rinsing off the panels with water hose, especially in the afternoon can leave streak of dirt, because water evaporates quickly. Thus you need to clean it the second time.

Injury – Solar system on rooftop are risky to clean. A wrong step can cause grave injury, due to fall from a height. Electric shock from inverter is also a potential risk.

Being on rooftop and working with electrical appliances without training or safety gear is too risky. Seek professional help from Sun Systems solar panel installers, who provide affordable maintenance service.