Travelling and shopping goes hand in hand. Shopping adds a charm and acts like a memento, when you travel back to your home. Additionally, you cannot let go of your sightseeing and style statement.

When it comes to shopping clothes, you must acquire the best possible ways of getting the best deals. Here is a detailed insight of how to shop, while you don’t miss the fun of travelling.

West Broadway

West Broadway has the best shopping malls in the city, where you will find latest high end fashion. Moreover, there are small stores and shopping joints scattered on the side street. You will find a good collection of less expensive clothes to expensive designer garments.

Additionally, these side stores sell out of fashion clothes. Needless to say New York is one of the most happening and fashionable cities. Fashion changes from time to time.

If you want decent fashion and quality based, then you can always opt for discount clothing stores or small factory surplus stores. These stores have been featured in the New York City tourist magazine and so far rated the best place for tourist shopping.

You will be surprised to find that during tourist season even street hawkers are selling high end fashion clothes. Do not assume these are bad quality, these clothing are as good as the store ones just that they are out of fashion.

Mott Street

This is another shopping destination for Indie and comfortable type of clothing. It is located between Houston and Broome Street. It has got shoes, accessories, and bags. A little further from the street you can come across and antique jewelries, boxes, muslin scarves at lower prices than you can even imagine. As per the New York City tourist guide these street is the best shopping place for buying outfits for relatives and friends back home. Since these are not much costly, you can buy for everyone.

Orchard Street

This is great for edgier style and urban fashion. It is between Houston and Grand Street. You will get clothing and accessories that is more of hip hop and experimental fashion.

In addition to it, the street is lined with premium cafes and restaurants. You can sip, while you enjoy shopping. Apart from fashion you will also get toys and old books. In simple terms, this is the place of oldies and it represents the old New York. This place is a worthwhile area, which will leave a lasting and memorable impression.

East 9th Street

This place is full of upcoming designers with fresh fashion clothes. You will find recent trends at lower prices and also the oldies with a twist. This has been rated the best in the  New York City Monthly  by its readers.

Additionally, if you have time you can have the garments tailor made. These upcoming designers will also give their input. Who knows the next time you go for a dinner party, you can just amaze the visitors with a unique, trendier dress!


Needless to say, while travelling to New York on a fixed budget, it is necessary to plan your shopping needs accordingly. Make sure to select malls or stores as per your requirements and get the best deal visiting the right boutique. New York will provide clothes lover one of the best shopping experiences, so do not miss out shopping here.