Dog attacks could be really dangerous sometimes. There are several breeds that are more violent than others. While issuing the insurance to homeowners, many companies have a list of restricted breeds due to their aggressive tendencies. Based on the studies, researches and the fatal human attacks, here is the list of most dangerous breeds.

Dangerous Breeds And Dog Bite Lawsuits - Tips To Avoid Serious Fatalities

Know About the Dangerous Pit Bulls

Pit bulls secure the first position in the list. According to the early statistics, their attack has resulted in more than 66 deaths in the year 1979- 1988. Rottweiler is another wild and dangerous dog. Around 39 deaths were recorded by their bite in the same year. Pit bull and Rottweiler attacks so fiercely that a person does not get a chance to escape.

How are German Shepherd Most Dangerous?

The German shepherd has a habit of becoming territorial and protective towards their owner, which leads to very aggressive behavior. Due to this reason, they have been banned in many areas. They have caused more than 17 deaths in the year 1979-1988. If you keep him as a pet, then it is not only dangerous for you, but the family members and relatives, who visit you.

There are other dangerous species including husky type, malamute, Doberman pinscher, chow chow etc. Doberman species were earlier used as guards or police dogs, because they were intimidated towards strangers. However, the CDC reports have stated they were involved in 10 fatalities.

Learn the Latest Rules and Regulations

Considering the attitude of these breeds and your safety, many state governments have enacted breed specific legislation. The history, violence and the harm they might do to humans is taken into account, while preparing the laws. Many states have banned these dogs while some have asked the owners of these breeds to keep them muzzled in public.

These steps were taken to increase the safety of public and reduce the threat among the society. Many dog owners have a misconception that they could teach their dogs how to behave in public, and change their inborn attitude. However, this is certainly not true. Being the trainer they could only improve dog’s behavior. Still they do not have any control on how the dog will react on public.

To prevent sudden accidents and heavy expenses, it is better to get an insurance policy. The insurance policy will offer coverage to the victim and the asset protection. Statistics have shown that even the calmest, moderate tempered and the docile dog could bite. Hence, it is better to avoid risks and buy the right policy. While buying the insurance, the company might demand dog bite attorney San Diego reviews. These reviews are essential before investing in the insurance policy.

The states have modified the laws and regulations after taking into account several researches. The dog’s killing attitude does not always depend on the breed, but the behavior too. Hence, the government has listed all the dog species in this category. Many insurance companies have started excluding the dogs, after monitoring the aggressive behavior.