The legal profession is in dire need of professionals who have the necessary leadership skills, knowledge and expertise to deal with the challenges of the 21st century that this noble profession throws up. For students who desire to become responsible practitioners in the legal profession, make a positive contribution to society and yet stand out among their peers in this profession, Duke University is their first choice. Since its inception in 1838, the vision and mission of renowned and innovative educational institution has been to transform students into responsible, ambitious, productive and forward-thinking professionals and experts of the legal profession.

According the JD Dukes, unlike other educational institutions that teach law in the United States, the student community and faculty at this reputed educational institution are a class apart. The faculty at Duke University endeavors to encourage students who come to study law in this renowned educational institution to be both creative and innovative in order to succeed in the legal profession. Moreover, state-of-the art facilities, clinics, educational ambience of this renowned educational institution never fail to attract the brightest, creative and innovative students to study law in this reputed institution. No wonder Duke University is the first choice among students who want to succeed in the legal profession.

The main advantages of studying law for students who aspire to gain a strong foothold in the legal profession and make their distinction in this field are as follows:

  1. Faculty

The faculty in a Duke University consists of many prominent, competent and distinguished practitioners of law who have made an outstanding contribution towards the development in this profession in their pursuit to ensure justice for everyone. These eminent legal professionals never fail to inspire the younger generation of students to flow their footsteps and make their distinction in the legal profession.

  1. Student life

Unlike other educational institutions that teach law, Duke University offers students who opt to study law in this renowned educational institution diverse range of programs to help them select the courses they intend to study for their degrees. Apart from this, the programs are tailor-made to assist the students search for work along with externship opportunities, serve the community along with being associated with distinct student organizations that can be a catalyst in achieving their professional and personal goals.  The social network of friends, acquaintances and colleagues that these students meet via such student organizations will sustain them throughout their legal profession.

  1. Scholarships

Duke University offers a number of attractive scholarships to intellect and deserving students to help them excel in their endeavor to become competent and distinguished practitioners in the legal profession. This goes a long way in reducing their dependence on student loan in their pursuit to acquire relevant knowledge that will help them to excel in the legal profession.

  1. Non-discrimination policy

The faculty and student community at Duke University endeavor to create an ambience that encourage the learning and community work, which is free from all kinds of discrimination and harassment.

JD Dukes encourages students who have a flair for learning law and succeeding in the legal profession to join Duke University and pursue their dreams.