There are many features that come along with the c-arm. This particular technology is the straight shooter, when compared to devices of ultrasound. You must do research in terms of what all features you need. Not all c-arm are equipped with all the features.

Once you go to have a look at the c-arms and the features that are available in the market, the representatives of the sales department may provide you with a 20 page list. This is something absurd as there are manufacturers that can make the description list go from 20 pages to 40 pages, but will that serve the purpose. Try and look for the shorter versions of the list of the features and find great used carms with the features that you are looking for.

The Features That Are Must-Have On The C-Arm That You Use

The Rotating Feature  

The tube attached to the c-arm works as the engine of the technology. It emits the X-ray that needs to be used to pass through your body, for better understanding of your illness. The two choices available for your use are:-

  • Stationary mode – it is a four cylinder engine
  • Rotation mode – It is more powerful than stationary mode

While inducing pain injections to the patients weighing more than 200lbs, you might need a rotating mode, in order to be able to penetrate the lateral shot. Do not let yourself be fooled, if you are told that stationary mode is same as rotating mode.

The Image Intensifier

The lens that is used to intensify the images, are almost similar to what you see in the binoculars or your camera, but they are much bigger in size. There are many who make these lenses, and the preferred diameter is usually 9 to 12 inches.

If the condition or the case is of a heart surgery, then you might be needed to spend 15000 to 20000 extra. The feature needed in this genre is more sensitive and is expensive too.

The Monitor

The monitor features may be dependent on the year of the manufacture. There are many companies who behave smart by putting a flat screen into an old model. The models that are made before the year 2005 might have older styles of the monitor, and may not serve the purpose today.

There are terms like sharp images and soft images. Sharp images might mean more dusty looking images and soft images may mean blurry images. There is nothing much you may do about it as it all depends on the choice of unit you make, depending on how much money you may release.

The Printer and the Laser Pointer

Many units come along with the printer. There are several companies that are making real good printers, which you may keep for your records or for the patients to use. Make yourself acquainted with all aspects related to printers, before you invest. A thorough research may help you grab the best deal.

Laser pointer is one option that many are not aware about. It is a very expensive feature to opt for, but very efficient too. Seeking advice from someone who has used this feature may help you convince yourself.