Today, more and more people are conscious about conservation of the environment. Among the natural resources available to the mankind, water is the first and foremost thing to be conserved for future generation. The benefit of water use are enormous as it is utilized in every aspect of our life activities like bathing, washing clothes, cleaning the house or the garden, cooking; hotels, spas, recreation activities like water sports, games; and several other domestic and commercial purposes.

However, the recycling and preservation process of water is often overlooked. For instance, the surplus use of plastic water bottles has clogged the landfills in such a way that we are equipped less to handle. Moreover, it involves the additional cost for transport and distribution, which is again an environmental hazard.

A simple step in preserving our planet involves the installation of eco-friendly water filters (for instance, Franke water filters) and filtration systems at domestic and commercial level appears to be the promising and simple technology to save money, time and water.

Let us investigate how even a common man can contribute to environment conservation with appropriate use of water in his home. If you decide to not drink bottled water, it itself is the first step towards conservation as a few plastic bottles are prevented by you for use. If you tend to adopt Franke filter tap and buy one for your home, it would cut down your expenses as compared to bottled waters.

However, before buying the filter, you need to do some background research work. If you are dependent on public utility water supply, you can avail the consumer confidence report to know the contaminants. On the other hand, if you depend on the private property like a well, you need to figure out the contaminants with the local health department. Depending on the type of filtration required to rule out the contaminants, you can choose the appropriate water filters with the help of water filter buying guide.

Once installed, the job does not get over. The cartridges generally get worn out within a year or six months depending on the heavy duty it performs. The Franke water filter cartridges have to be replaced with the new ones for continued supply of pure water for the family.

Apart from using the pure water for the domestic purposes, the waste water obtained by filtration could be channelised back in the backyard garden, recycled for other uses like car cleaning, or allow to percolate into the ground system.

In addition to all these arrangements, it is mandatory to maintain the water filter by following the manufacturer’s direction. If the contaminants get build up, the efficacy of filtration declines and also creates a worst situation by the back release of chemicals or the bacteria into the purified water leading to water-borne diseases. To prevent your family from this kind of situations, it is better to go for filter flow replacement filter as often as required.

By following the simple civic rules, every citizen is able to contribute his part in bringing global harmony regarding conservation of the most important natural resource- water.