The level 33 of Candy crush is 13th level in the lemonade lake segment. It is also the 17th jelly level. The level offers a great new challenge for players as well as experienced players. In order to overcome the level, there are various targets and requirements. The requirements vary based on the level. You should cross the level in just 17 moves. Hence, each move should be planned in a very careful manner. After making one move, the possible alternatives should be checked in a very careful manner. If you heed to the tips offered in various blogs, you will clear candy crush saga level 33 very easily.

Crossing Level 33 Of Candy Crush

What Are The Tips?

There should be focus on the creation of candies. A new striped candy should be created. By creating a special candy, multiple boxes of jelly can hit at the same time. You will be very fortunate if you can generate striped candies in level 33. Both rows and columns are cleared in an efficient manner by using striped candies. There is no much help from the wrapped candy. As soon as you swipe it in a box, it will explode. On the other hand, if you can combine two candies (striped candy and wrapped candy), there will be a great success.

Most of the jellies can be moved in one stroke by combining the striped candy and wrapped candy. However, preparation of a combo candy is not very easy as you will have very few steps to finish the level. If you can swipe two striped candies together, there will be great impact. If the jellies are hit there will be a great benefit.

While playing level 33, you should take your own time to make each move. If you have patience, you will certainly be able to clear the game in few minutes. On the other hand, if you would like to cross the level instantly, you should want to pay $1.99 to the games organizing company.

How To Clear The Level 33 Easily?

In order to clear candy crush saga level 33, you should prepare your mind. When you are fully acquainted with the rules and regulations of the game, it will not be difficult to cross the level 33. In fact, you can attempt the level continuously so that you will perform better with each attempt. If you follow the tips given by experts, you will take steps to understand the logic behind the game. When you are able to comprehend various possibilities after each move, you can make the most of your time and effort.

It is very much important to pay attention to the direction. When a striped candy will not touch any jelly in a row, you should not attempt or make such move. The direction of rows that a candy can move will be decided by the way that a candy has been generated. If you wish to make a vertical move, you should swipe vertically. If horizontal movement is desired, horizontal swipe should be performed.

All the 16 jelly squares should be cleared which is the objective of the game. There will be very little room for errors. Every single move will be counted. It is very difficult to get a row of five candies. In order to wipe out large chunks of the board, you will not be able to use any colored ball. In order to clear level 33, you should start at the bottom. When bottom jellies are eliminated, more damage will happen in the top of the board. Thus, you can make more bang with limited moves and you can clear the board very easily.