It is always a good idea to look through the syllabus of the TESOL Certificate Program, particularly the sets of objectives. This quick study of the course brings you other benefits (though less obvious), other than giving you a clear understanding of what your course incorporates. What is interesting about the syllabus of TESOL Certification online is that it evolves as the first syllabus that a candidate encounters as an instructor or a teacher. Candidates can immerse themselves in the syllabus to use it to their advantage and begin to master some TESOL vocabulary as well as concepts.

Though terms may differ, the main components described in the course are:

  1. Input
  2. Teaching Practice
  • Lesson planning
  1. Feedback
  2. Written assignments

What each of the above-mentioned components means for candidates pursuing the course is explained in detail below.


Input, which can be better defined as the seminar and workshop, is certainly the primary means of describing what the course is about. Candidates will be required to devote maximum time of the course to workshops. It is always advisable to get the best out of you to prepare yourself for every workshop even if it is about increasing your awareness of the topic and pondering it in the mind prior to the workshop. Before a session, whether virtual or public, it is very important to find out what it will be actually centred on. This can help attend the session with some good ideas in mind and allows you to take part in the discussion actively.

Teaching Practice

This is more common as TP and is an important component of the TESOL Certificate course. During the course, the participants are given the opportunity to teach such that the teaching practice is arranged to let a participant teach two different levels, including elementary level and intermediate level. Besides, centres are guided to timetable this important component so that it can be carried out on a continuous basis. Candidates can be asked to teach both beginners and advanced learners, not at the same time.

Lesson Planning

Though the course time will be allocated to this component as well, you should try to devote a good time to this aspect. Many participants, be it new or former, prefer spending a good time on the preparation of lesson plan than other single components of the course. As an outcome, you will end up spending more time in planning than the actual lesson. But, this is absolutely normal.


This course component occurs the moment you complete teaching practice, as providing immediate feedback is always the best practice. Exclusive of online TESOL certification, the session is attended by the instructor and other members of the group whose views on the teaching practice have a great significance. The participants will be asked to evaluate the lesson, probably prior to receiving the feedback from the tutors or the peers.

Written Assignments

Though it seems to be a heavy load to complete writing assignments, candidates will be asked to complete at least four. Witten assignments generally focus on adult learning, language skills and classroom teaching. The objective behind written assignments is only to make you relate TESOL theory to the practice and accustom to the correct use of key TESOL terminology and concepts.