Employers often determine in the first few minutes of an interview whether they are interested in hiring a candidate, Eye contact to your posture, To the way you move your hands, Avoid these 9 common mistakes of body language during your job interview. You need to make sure your body language is conveying what you really want to say.

Breaking Eye Contact

You maintain eye contact with the recruiter. He/She regretted that there is a tendency to want to break eye contact when you feel uncomfortable with a stranger. Mainly Eye contact establishes a personal connection with them and lets them know you are engaging. Once connected, you must not break eye contact, But try to maintain contact a second longer after the end of your answer. It specifies that this advice is particularly important when the handshake.

Finger Pointer

Finger Pointer to support certain arguments cut the space between your interviewer and you. This gesture is also considered aggressive.

Cross Arms

Cross your arms over your chest is a sign of defense and resistance. When open along your sides, you give a more affordable airy. Keep your arms at your side or hands folded gently on lap to appear more open to conversation and open to the interviewer.

Excessive Nodding

It is important to nod. This is a sign that you follow your contact or you agree with his comments. Nod also proves that you are involved in the conversation. But however nod not too often. Your gestures seem mechanical and then you lose your credibility and sincerity.


Stop fidgeting. Your nervousness distracted the recruiter. You want it to focus on what you have to say, crossing your legs again and again or jingling the coins in your pocket will distract the interviewer.

Hands behind your back

It is important to look approachable and open. No need to try to control your movement’s gestures or fidgeting by keeping your hands locked behind your back. Keep your hands behind your back or in the pockets inhibit your movement and make you look stuck and rigid.


You understood: it is essential to look confident and look the interviewer eye. But it is equally important to divert your eyes then. Not too rapidly course. But if you set your contact too long, you’ll take a kind of discomfort you. You will pass for someone aggressive or worse for a psychopath.

Discordant Expressions

If your tone of voice does not match your facial expression, you may lose points in the interview. If someone asks you what interests you have in your life and your face looks like it’s been embalmed. Your message will not go well.

Shifty Eyes

Eye players, who fail to focus on an item or person, That move up and down or left to right, are often a sign that someone is not assured or is lying. It is important to look your interviewer eye right to convey a sense of confidence and assertiveness.