When designing a website, we all look to engage our customers. Of course, your site is ultimately there to sell your product or service or to promote your business. It’s all about driving customers to engage with you.

But before a customer will engage with you as a business, you need to build a relationship with them. The first step in doing so is to give them something that is of value to them. This not only drives them to your website in the first place, but also keeps them coming back. The more times they visit you, statistically the more likely they are to become a customer.

Could Your Business Benefit From The Downfall Of News Sites?

Mobile Versus Desktop

We all know that internet-ready mobile phones have been improving and making the internet more accessible in recent years. In fact, according to Forbes, we have finally reached the point where they have become more popular than desktop devices. That is to say that more people are now performing internet searches via their mobile phones than via desktops.

Of course, this means that for anybody with a website, optimisation for mobile devices is now crucial. Unless you are a web designer yourself, you will probably need some help to make sure that this is done correctly and in a way that is recognised by the Google search bots as being mobile-friendly. Failing to do so could affect your search engine rankings.

It is sensible therefore to ask for some help from a professional web design company. For example, you could try a web design agency in London such as britishwebsites.co.uk, who would fully understand the requirements for mobile-friendly sites and ensure that your website was optimised in a way that the search engines would be happy with. This will give you a higher ranking.

The Demise of the News Site

With the Guardian reporting that news websites look to be finding it difficult to be profitable in the mobile climate, is it possible that your business could benefit from this trend? Users are reluctant to read the news on traditional sites, since these are forced to use advertising in order to remain profitable.

On a mobile device, advertising is particularly annoying. That’s where you could come in. If you have a blog or news page with relevant news in your field, you could find that people with an interest in your area of business use you as a point of reference. This will of course drive traffic to your website, as any newsworthy item is also share-worthy. You will get organic views and your search engine ranking will increase as your site is shared more widely on other websites.

Of course, for every person that reads your blog or looks up a relevant news article and gets directed to your website, a proportion will take the time to look around your site. These are the ones who will potentially be converted to customers. So the cloud over the news sites really could be your silver lining if you plan your website design and content appropriately.