Crossbows are one of the best hunting weapons because they are so quit and deadly.  You can hit your target from 100 yards away and they will have no idea where it came from.  This will allow you to re-aim and fire a second shot, if you miss the first, before the animal figures out where it comes from.

The fact that they are great for killing animals, means that they are evidently great at killing zombies and other people while locked in a dome.  The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead have glorified the crossbow as the cool thing to have.  This has led to a huge market for cool looking crossbows that don’t necessarily need to perform well.

The market being flooded with cheap crossbows, causing hunters to have to sort through the options to find one that will really perform how they want it.  This process can be a pain and leave hunters with a bad taste in their mouth.  We will know go over what to look for when you are looking to buy the best crossbow for the money

How To Select A Crossbow


Power is the is the best way to differentiate the cheap crossbows from the ones built to perform.  The cheap crossbows are just their to look good, not to take down a Grisly bear.  You will see a huge difference in the power of their two.

Power is measured in how my feet per second the arrow is moving when it hits the target at optimal distance.  You want to shoot for a crossbow that is rated at 300 FPS at the minimum.  Anything less that 300 will only be good for targets or rodents.  I might be able to hunt a deer with it, but you will need to be extremely close.


Weight is another good way to tell the cheap crossbow apart from the usable ones.  In order to cut costs, the companies just looking to make a  buck will make the crossbows out of wood instead of the expensive carbon fiber that the others are made of.  They are looking to save money instead of making a great product.

These heavier crossbows are harder to work with for everyone.  You have to carry this heavier weight through the woods while you track down what you are hunting.  Once you get there, you will need to keep the crossbow level and upright to fire.


If you are going to make a significant investment on something like a crossbow, you want to make sure that it is going to last.  The best way to do that is by purchasing a crossbow made from a log lasting brand.  Purchasing a crossbow from a well-known brad in the best was to do that.


If you pay attention to this list when you go out to purchase a crossbow, you should be able to buy a high quality crossbow that it going to last for years.  If you ignore our advice, you run the risk of having to purchase another new crossbow again a year later.