Technology has made life easier for us. Communication is simpler and work can be completed even when you are on the move. Not surprisingly, smartphones and tablets have gained immense popularity among corporate users who need advanced gadgets to improve productivity. While these gadgets help you do a number of things easily, there are still some challenges that can give you a tough time. One of them is dealing with a dying battery.

The following are five simple tips to save the battery life of your gadgets and avoid problems while you are traveling.

Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is one of the best ways to save your battery life. While it is convenient and practical to use Wi-Fi when you are at home, you must switch it off once you leave. If it is left on, your device will automatically start searching for available networks, putting a strain on your battery life. Likewise when you keep your Bluetooth on, the extra radio keeps looking for signals from outside, draining your battery.

To turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you just have to go to ‘settings’ and choose the appropriate option.

5 Tips to Save the Battery Life of Your Gadgets

Avoid Multi-Tasking

Although smartphones and all other gadgets help you do several tasks at once, you should avoid multi-tasking when you want to save battery life. Running several apps is not a great idea because every app uses a share of the device’s processor cycles. So by not running several apps, you reduce your CPU workload and power consumption.

To limit multi-tasking, always remember exiting an app after you are done using it. You can also use some apps that have an auto-kill feature to control all your apps and help you manage them better. To do this manually, you have to go to ‘Settings’, tap on the app and stop it.

Restrict Notifications

Tablets, iPhones, and laptops have several notification options to alert you when someone mails you, sends a message or posts an update on your Facebook wall. When you turn off the not-so-important notifications, you save battery life to a very large extent. A simple way to do is by reviewing the notifications you really need and the ones that do not call for your immediate attention.

To turn off the unimportant ones, go to ‘Settings’, ‘Notifications’ and manually turn off notifications that you don’t need.

Use a Power-Saving App

If you want a simple solution to save the battery life of your Android phone, you can try power management apps like GreenPower or JuiceDefender. These intuitive apps are designed to automatically toggle the radios on and off and manage the phone’s CPU usage. As a result, your phone’s battery is easily optimized. You can also find apps that will tell you what is exhausting your battery life and help you limit or remove unnecessary apps and functionalities.

Backup Battery

Realizing the demand for solutions that can help smartphone users improve the longevity of their batteries, backup batteries have now entered the market. These are essentially external batteries that are quite handy and user-friendly in design and portability. When the phone or tablet runs out of power, these devices can help provide uninterrupted use. They have micro USB output to charge smartphones and work well with nearly every Android device.

With businesses operating in a highly dynamic marketplace, using the right technology to stay connected is imperative. The 5 options mentioned above can not only help optimize the battery life of smartphone and Android devices but also enable you to collaborate better. Consider these good options to never miss out any important communication.

Author Bio: William Stevens is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to technology. In this article, he offers a few tips to save battery life and aims to encourage further study with a master of science in electrical engineering.