Clairvoyance is an intuitive ability that is greater than normal intuitive instinct. Clairvoyance, also referred to as “clear seeing,” is defined as a metaphysical sense that is equated with one’s sixth sense or their spiritual side. Clairvoyance or a sixth sense is considered the most popular of the four metaphysical senses. It is the sense most people reference when they talk about psychic abilities.

Clairvoyance: A Latent Sense in Most People

Clairvoyance is also a latent sense in most people. However, your sixth sense can be developed. Some people respond to visual interpretation more quickly and easily than when they use their thinking, auditory, or feeling senses to make decisions or work through problems in life.

What Is Clairvoyance? Understanding How Some People Can Truly Read One’s Mind

The Four Metaphysical Senses

Again, clairvoyance is one of four metaphysical senses. The other metaphysical senses are:

  • Clairaudience (clear hearing)
  • Clairsentience (clear feeling)
  • Claircognizance (clear knowing)

How Images and Symbols Are Revealed

The four above-listed metaphysical senses complement the five physical senses of hearing, seeing, touch, taste, and smell. Clairvoyance can surface in one of a number of ways. Sometimes clairvoyants have visual flashes or visions in their waking hours. They may also experience a vision when dreaming or when they are in an extremely relaxed state. In turn, they see pictures or images in their mind.

Other clairvoyants can read an individual’s energy field, also known as an aura. They see colours surrounding the person or pick up certain symbols that are revealed as a picture in their mind. All in all, clairvoyance is the capacity to clearly see through the mind’s eye. Sudden flashes of symbols, pictures, or numbers are seen—any of which have a definite meaning. Some clairvoyants also see flashes of the words “yes” or “no.”

Developing Clairvoyance

Again, clairvoyance can be developed over time. This type of intuitiveness can evolve when you keep an “intuitive” journal. Take note of the information that you receive. If you note any symbols, try to set aside some writing time to discern exactly what a symbol or a word might mean.

Anyone who wishes to develop clairvoyance or wants to better understand how clairvoyants think must be open to spiritually asking for assistance from spirit guides or angels. They also must be objective about any signs they receive. The sign or “clue” can be clear as neon, or it can be represented by symbology.

When a clairvoyant first sees an image in her mind, she pays careful attention to the picture and tries to focus on the meaning. The first impression is usually, in most cases, the correct meaning she is trying to unfold. The clairvoyant lets go of her ego and reasoning mind in order to develop this type of instinct. She does not dismiss the real meaning of the impression like most “thinking” people. Instead, she accepts it first-hand. People dismiss certain impressions out of fear or because they don’t believe they make sense.

When clairvoyant readings are conducted, clairvoyants try to concentrate on whether an image or symbol is associated with the present, past, or future. Sometimes the answers are not revealed immediately. Sometimes they are instantaneous. Clairvoyance enables a psychic to decipher and respond to the events in a person’s life.

Obtaining a Clairvoyant Reading – The Process

Typically, a clairvoyant reading takes place in a room where the clairvoyant sits in a chair across from the client. She goes into a light trance and discusses her client’s energy. When this happens, a clairvoyant is utilizing the sixth chakra—or the centre of the forehead—in order to interpret colours or images in the mind. The clairvoyant uses neutrality during a reading in order to make an interpretation.

A clairvoyant reading can also be done over the phone or via Skype. Fortunately, today, technology has enabled people with clairvoyant skills to conduct readings that can help and guide a person in answering any questions or issues concerning their love life, work life, and academic goals.

The clairvoyant reads a person’s energy field or aura—a field that reveals a person’s motivations, history, or reasons for his behaviour or actions. Frequently, a person’s unconscious mind is displayed in his aura. In turn, the clairvoyant is able to conclude what is happening in a client’s physical environment.

A clairvoyant reader is able to read the colours in a person’s aura and explain what the hues mean presently. Therefore, she can interpret various shades and tints and read the mental images that are stored in each of an aura’s seven layers. From this interpretation, a client’s mental, spiritual, and physical states are revealed. She can also see when a relative, lover, or friend may be affecting a person’s personal reality or space and can assist him or her to deal with this kind of influence.

Readings frequently permit a person to confirm his own reality as well as receive dependable and fascinating information that can improve his life. While a clairvoyant cannot be called to solve issues or problems, or advise a person as to what to do, she can tell a client what he or she is doing with their energy. This information permits a client to positively address an issue or event with his energy.

Any old beliefs or images that are not helping a client can be let go, so he can heal and spiritually grow. By consulting with a clairvoyant, a change in lifestyle can, many times, happen almost overnight.

Tarot Card Readings

An aura or clairvoyant reading can also be performed, out of a trance, by using tarot cards. When you contact a clairvoyant online, tarot cards are frequently used. Regardless of the method employed though, contacting a clairvoyant by phone or online can be a boon for your career, relationships, or your current lifestyle.

One Final Note

Any activity that produces the flow of positive energy will help you grow both spiritually and as a person. Again, a clairvoyant cannot tell you what to do or advise you on your choices. However, she can give you the motivation and insight to feel more positive and confident about the decisions you make.