When it comes to travelling to new locations, car rentals can come in handy. You not only have the flexibility and freedom to travel whenever you want, but in many remote places, these are the only feasible option available to you. The competition is so high in rental car markets that every day you might come across many car rental agencies that offer you attractive rates, making it difficult for you to choose from.

Booking from Car Rental Agencies

Choosing The Right Car Rentals While Travelling For Business or Leisure

Do your homework. Make a list of car rental agencies with good rating. If you have no clue on the credibility of the car rental agency, you can check for reviews and feedback given by existing customers. If you are looking at getting good rates, then you can always compare prices from online websites and see which car rentals would fetch you good deals.

Sometimes, we generally prefer to go in for brand names. If a company is doing well in the car rental sector we assume that they are the best. We completely ignore the smaller fishes. This is where we tend to miss out on opportunities to grab the best rates. Small car rental agencies focus more on customer service and might be willing to drop down their rates to service you.

Know what you want from your car rental and book accordingly. Many car rental agencies even offer hybrid cars which are completely eco friendly. If you are travelling solo, you might want to book a small car sufficient to carry you and your luggage. If you are planning a family trip, then a SUV might be suitable.

If you are looking for luxury cars, then you need to ensure that your car rental agency have them. If you plan to travel to Los Angeles and are looking at car rental options, then you can check with any luxury car rental Los Angeles agency and see what rates they are offering.

Inspect Your Vehicle before Renting

Now, just because you have booked from a car rental agency that you friend recommended was the best, does not mean that you blindly sign the agreement. You need to inspect the vehicle personally. Sometimes, the company might rent out old or outdated vehicles with a low mileage.

Some of the things that you might want to consider while inspecting includes:

  • Checking the car for dents or scratches
  • Are the doors and windows working perfectly
  • Check the clutch, brakes and accelerators
  • Side panels and the wheels
  • Front and back bumpers
  • Check the interiors of the vehicle
  • Check the mileage of the car

Do not forget the Insurance

One of the most important factors that you should not forget is your car insurance. If you already have existing car insurance, ensure that you talk with your insurance company whether they cover for rental cars too.

Many of credit cards cover for collision damage. If your insurance company does not cover for rental cars, then you might need to purchase CDW insurance.


Ensure that you ask your rental company on the restriction to travel within the state. Be a smart customer and ensure that you read the contract thoroughly for hidden charges before signing it.