The natural process of dense hair growth involves the use of certain constituents from the body like vitamins, iron, zinc etc. There are many kinds of vitamins present in the body each have a different function to do. The word vitamin is an amalgamation of two words vital and amines. Vitamins are vital elements for the survival of healthy body although it is required in minute quantities. The vitamins like Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B, Vitamin-D facilitate hair growth a great deal. There are many uses of vitamins in the body.

For successful growth of thick hair on head multiple options are available. Some are natural while some are medication based. Among the natural methods of growing dense hair there are various ingredients which induce denser hair scalps. The individual has to take the decision regarding the method for having thicker hair. If we surf through the internet we will find many results regarding vitamins for dense hair or those which discourage hair thinning. We can choose the best suited vitamin from many online resources.


There are different sources of vitamins. These can be obtained from natural flora provided by the nature in different forms. Many vitamins directly relate to counter hair thinning e.g. biotin, niacin while some affect the hair growth indirectly e.g. vitamin A, vitamin E. these vitamins can be found in different vegetables like green leafy ones and in pulses. However the vitamins can also be taken artificially in form of ingestible supplements, tablets or capsules. There are many pharmaceutical solutions for intake of pertinent vitamins. Before taking the vitamins in form of tablets it is necessary to consult with the physicians regarding quantity and relevant vitamin to be taken.

Vitamins play a key role in development of fresh skin, nails, thick hair and other vital parts of body. Considering the thicker hair we can talk about many favoring vitamins. B-complex vitamins or biotin facilitate hair growth. It is naturally produced in human’s intestines and its deficiency causes hair fall. Taking biotin externally through green vegetables, meat and nuts is required to regain hair strength. On the other hand vitamin-A help to produce sebum which prevents hair dryness. Sebum is naturally produced in scalp as well, but when its quantity is decreased hair dryness starts which ultimately end up in hair loss. Therefore, the use of vitamins is inevitable. If your body produces it, it’s well and good, but if body is not producing adequate quantities of vitamins, then you need to take them externally. The list of vitamins which favor hair growth is very long.Few of them have been discussed here. If you are eager to have thick hair on your head you may certainly want to visit the products page of Serioxyl website. I hope that you will find your dream product at very economical price. Always remember balding is not a life ending thing.