When people plan to visit London, numbers of places could strike in mind that not only rejuvenate visitor’s mood and mind but also give a space to steal some beautiful moments. Besides places to visit, there are several destinations to make your stay admirable.

3 Days In London While Availing Weekend Apartment

Since the day someone reaches London, whether the person is alone or with his/her family and friends, people should have a place to stay that can suit the mood as well their standard of life. Soon after reaching London, people could avail any of the short stay apartments in London, in accord to the number of people came for visit.

  • See, what is there to explore on very first day:
  • Trafalgar Square: This could be the ultimate destination for the traveler, as the place is the heart of the city. Trafalgar Square is the largest square in London. Numbers of cultural events take place here, every year. Nelson’s Column stands in the center of the square, surrounded with 4 lions.
  • National Gallery: This place holds the collection of 2.600 pieces and is considered among the most visited galleries across the world.
  • London Eye: It is not over wishing if you long for a ride after coming to London. London Eye is Europe’s largest ferries wheel and the views from the top of this ride is magnificent.
  • Start for the 2nd day:

If you have availed weekend apartments in London, you could easily be guided by the services that come along with these apartments. Before availing such facilities, have a list of places that could quench your longing to explore different places.

  • Windsor Castle: Windsor Castle could give you the iconic view of queen’s weekend home. At the time of Henry, monarchs were using this place.
  • Cutty Sark: This is the historic tea clipper among one of the remaining ships that are used once for the transportation of goods for Jock Willis Shipping Line, in 19th
  • Royal Observatory Greenwich: This place has played an important role in astronomical science. In the Observatory, the navigational and astronomical tools are on display. Even, you can have charming view of London, from this place.

3 Days In London While Availing Weekend Apartment

  • Know what is left for the 3rd day:

As you have planned 3 days tour, you should have a list of places that are mostly visited, before leaving your weekend apartment in London. Just go through the list below-

  • Millennium Bridge: London Millennium Footbridge is a steel suspension bridge that people use to cross the River Thames in London. View of this bridge is loved due to unique design of the bridge.
  • Globe Theater: This Theater is the modern mock-up of original one, where some of the Shakespeare’s plays have been staged for the first time. The real one was built in 1599 by the Lord Chamberlin’s men.
  • Katharine Docks: Once upon a time, ships were used to anchor here. Now, this place is great to spend time for various facilities available around, like bars, shops and restaurants.

Apart from these places, you could also visit Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, St. James’s Park, Buckingham, Chainatown London, etc. While you decide to visit London with your loved ones, make sure you discover some of the best destinations of the place.