Have you read about Microsoft ReadyBoost technology in the press, but are disappointed it didn’t make its way into Windows XP? Are you reluctant to upgrade your PC or operating system, but wish for the increased responsiveness and performance benefits provided by ReadyBoost? Get eBoostr (http://www.eboostr.com/) and give your Windows XP the same performance benefits as provided by Microsoft ReadyBoost, only without its limitations!
ReadyBoost is one of the core technologies implemented by Microsoft in Windows Vista. The new technology solves a bottleneck typical for many PCs when upgrading to a new Microsoft operating system: the lack of memory. It is no secret that every new operating system released by Microsoft is more memory-hungry than the one it replaces. With ReadyBoost technology built into its latest generation of operating systems, Windows Vista, Microsoft attempted to address this problem. This time they did it by allowing using cheap flash memory such as USB memory sticks or memory cards typically found in digital cameras to expand the amount of memory available to the system, reducing hard drive access and improving overall system performance and application responsiveness.
ReadyBoost is a great technology when you’re low on RAM. The problem is that ReadyBoost is only available in Windows Vista and it never made it to its older sibling, Windows XP. Computers using Windows XP are older than those sold with pre-installed Windows Vista. In general, they have less memory installed, and would benefit from using ReadyBoost even more than the modern machines. Alas, ReadyBoost will not be available unless you pull the trigger and upgrade to Windows Vista.

Is there a real necessity to call for such drastic measures to get a performance boost? No! MDO Ltd. has released a replacement for Microsoft ReadyBoost technology – only this time it works on Windows XP machines!

eBoostr (http://www.eboostr.com/) does everything that Microsoft ReadyBoost can do. It replaces relatively slow access to hard disk by fast one to flash memory, allowing you to use up to four different flash devices, and provides the same benefits of increased system performance, improved application load times and better overall responsiveness.

eBoostr is even more useful than ReadyBoost as it does not place strict performance requirements on the flash memory you use to speed up your system. While ReadyBoost requires you to use faster and more costly memory cards, eBoostr can work with just about every inexpensive flash drive on the market. Unlike ReadyBoost, eBoostr supports up to four flash devices at the same time, a real breath of fresh air after ReadyBoost which supports just one. Finally, eBoostr enhances the performance of slower PCs as well as computers with lots of RAM, while ReadyBoost mostly benefits slower PCs with a limited amount of memory.

Do you have a laptop computer with a built-in card reader or a free USB port? Plug a memory card or a flash drive into your laptop and enjoy increased system performance and longer battery life! It’s no secret that mobile hard drives used in notebook computers are much slower than their desktop counterparts. eBoostr reduces the amount of hard drive activity, which results in even greater performance benefits than on the bigger desktops, while at the same time reducing the amount of energy required to drive the laptop, allowing your notebook to survive longer on a single battery charge.

Grab the nearest flash card, install eBoostr (http://www.eboostr.com/) and start enjoying increased system performance and application responsiveness immediately!