Flyers have consistently been one of the most popular forms of print marketing and they continue proving their worth even when digital marketing and social media marketing are increasingly utilised. Flyers can be used for many different purposes, from event promotion to invitation. They can come in all shapes and sizes, although to fit their purpose they are usually small and fit in a limited amount of information into their small space.

4 Design Tips for Effective Flyers

Flyers can be highly effective, and even more so when they are designed well, with attention to detail and following some of these essential design tips:

Create a Clear Focal Point

In order for a flyer to be eye-catching, it needs to have a clear focal point. Effective flyer printing is all about drawing the person in with a great graphic, an enticing headline, or something that stands out as a valuable promotion or piece of information. This focal point is the things people will notice first, so it is a good idea to plan the overall design around this concept, which will be different depending on the overall purpose of your flyer.

Use Relevant Images

Most flyers will benefit from imagery – photos, illustration, or even typography that can often stand in for imagery. Visual interest is what helps make a flyer work. It will also immediately tell a person what the flyer is for, and why they should be interested in it. Pay careful attention to the images used in flyer printing as they can make a big difference to the success of your overall flyer design. Of course, on the other hand, a generic or irrelevant image can actually harm the success of your flyer since it is not actually adding anything of value to the design and may even confuse a viewer.

Look for the Best Fonts

As well as an appropriate image you should also look for the best fonts to use on your flyer printing for your exhibition stands or other purposes. The typography should match the overall style of the flyer and what you want to say. It helps draw a design together and make it memorable.

Look at Effective Use of Colour

The focal point, image, and fonts can all be effectively tied together with the best colour for your purposes. Nothing attracts attention like colour when it is used well, with regard to the purpose of the flyer and the audience. Look at using colours which enhance what you are trying to say in the flyer. Note that some colours will be much better than others for different purposes.