The bathroom reflects the personality of the occupant, and creates an atmosphere of comfort to visitors. The bathroom is one of the areas that we can take advantage with a well-designed and decorated. This article will discuss some ideas on decorating bathrooms, making them more spacious and attractive look. Applying the principles that the style fits in anywhere even in small areas. Therefore here we give you the best ideas for decorating bathrooms for all tastes.


For the decoration of bathrooms you can play with the color scheme, take a chance to try neutral colors like bright turquoise or mixed or pastel.


Gone was the idea of decorating tiles bathrooms had to wear one color or no texture, there are now new materials and textures that mimic rocks, or own atmospheres of a natural spa.


Inside the bathroom decoration minimalist trend remains strong, bathrooms or combined with neutral tones and natural wood varnish is fashionable.


The pace of life means that often we need a place to relax and a good decoration of bathrooms may be the best idea, you can use candles or flowers to create a restful environment.


Regardless of the space for decoration bathrooms, you can do wonderful, is simply seize the dead corners and place small wooden shelves and wall furniture.


In the decoration of modern bathrooms this material is the protagonist, as it helps to enlarge the space, as well as being simple and elegant, can be used for showering.

Floating Cabinets

The current bathrooms decoration, including floating furniture that is very functional and give another image to the bathroom, giving a modern twist to the whole set.

Modern Furniture

Modern furniture make the space is as personalized as possible, decorating bathrooms, even playing with colors, materials, textures and forms, manages to give a touch of elegance and good taste.

Rustic Style

In decorating bathrooms still in vogue rustic, excellent style to create a good atmosphere, to give a modern touch can play with the shape of the furniture, finishes and combinations of textures.

Mixture of Styles

Bathroom decor is nothing to play with creativity, give a personal touch to the bathroom by combining styles, trends and colors to create your own space.

With these simple tips for decorating bathrooms now have good ideas to put a spin on the personality of your bathroom, you certainly will please your family and your visit will give them comfort.