Feet are the last part of the body that you think of taking care of. But it is one of the most important organs useful for walking, running exercising and almost everything that you do. Until they hurt, you may not give them the attention they deserve. In and out of season, the feet should not be neglected not only because of their importance but also avert any form of displeasure that may be consequential to such neglect. Get medical attention when necessary, pamper them when they are sore and keep them hygienic. Dry skin on feet is a sure way of taking care of them. You do not need to engage an expensive spa or profession to take care of your feet. Spend a few hours taking care of them, choose the best shoes for them and keep them dry. The following are the appropriate ways of taking care of the feet properly:

How To Take Care Of Your Feet Properly

1. Put on the Right Shoes

Shoes should fit well such that they are not too tight to hammer the toes, overgrown nails and corns. They should not be over large such that your heel does settle while you are walking. This may cause blisters and calluses or even makes heels sore. Feet stretch during the day so shoe shopping should be done late in the day as opposed to early morning when they are contracted. As one get old, the feet size increases thus measurements used in earlier ages should not be used when purchasing shoes. Some shoes when put on regularly are not friendly to the feet. High heels damage the bones of the foot. Everyday wear should prominently feature a flat shoe or sneaker. Materials used to make the shoe should also be selected carefully. Synthetic shoes do not allow breathing of the feet pores as opposed to natural and leather shoes, which enables your feet feel cool and release moisture.

2. Take a Walk

Just like all the other muscles of the body, feet muscles require exercise to remain strong and healthy. Walking makes ligaments and tendons attached to the feet flexible. Those with walking problems and those who experience sores after walking should try out walking with Arch support inserts.

3. Keep your Feet Clean Every Day

When in the shower, most people do not bother cleaning and washing their feet keenly. This is an important care to your feet. Our feet spend most time trapped in shoes without proper breathing and release of moisture. Moisture and sweat around your feet breeds a fertile ground for bacteria to thrive. Their accumulation brings about odor and fungal infections. Wash your feet well with soap and plenty of water and then dry them up.

4. Moisturize your Feet with a Lotion

The stretch and shear endured by your feet while walking or running can make their surface crack, get dry or get scaly. For those who live in dry and sunny areas and put on sandals regularly, the problem may be deeply entrenched. Rubbing a lotion rich in cocoa butter on the surface of the feet everyday is the solution. It is a powerful emollient and can be applied even when sleeping for those with serious scaly problems.

5. Put on Socks

They protect your feet from wear and tear. Cotton socks also absorb moisture and sweat from your feet. A soft pair of socks can also help the fatty part of your feet in shock absorbing. The fat layer gets weary over time thus the thickness of the socks should also increase simultaneously. Socks also protect your feet from shoes thus averting blisters and calluses. Natural and synthetic socks have fibers that wick away moisture from your feet.

6. Keep your Feet Dry

Dry skin on feet makes them healthy. Bacteria and fungus tend to thrive in moist conditions. You should change your socks daily, dry your feet after a shower and use foot powder to keep your feet dry. A dry towel should be used to dry up between toes and underneath them.

7. Trim Toe Nails Regularly

Trimming your nails every few weeks keeps them strong and healthy. Nails should be trimmed straight across as opposed to trimming them from the edges to form a curve. They not be trimmed to the flesh margin as it may cause infection and also lead to ingrown toe nails.


After a long day of being trapped in your shoes, your feet need to get a healthy relieve. You should observe high levels of hygiene on them and keep them dry. Bacteria and fungus should be eliminated from your feet areas as they breed odor and infections.