With any piece of manual handling equipment, the safety of the user and the caregiver is paramount. There are many hoists available, but they can often be overly complicated or simply take too long to safely move an individual.

Ceiling hoists are easy to use and are suitable for a variety of situations. There are many benefits to a ceiling hoist for disabled individuals, making them one of the best investments.

Secure and Reliable

Many individuals have expressed how safe and secure they feel when being lifted using a ceiling hoist. Many have a feature that ensures that sudden movements are eliminated completely, which safeguards both the individual and the caregiver. They are also adaptable, and as such are able to be installed in both new and old buildings.

Ease of Use

Ceiling hoists are always exactly where they need to be, meaning that care can be given immediately and efficiently.

Ceiling hoists are easy to use and when used correctly, caregivers do not need to worry about any potential back injuries. This can hugely boost staff morale, as they won’t feel as exhausted towards the end of their shifts. As one caregiver can often safely operate ceiling hoists, the utmost dignity is maintained for the user at all times.

Simple operation means that the caregiver is able to concentrate on tending to the needs of the user, and in some cases the individual may even be able to operate the hoist themselves, giving them a sense of autonomy over their own care.

Savings on Time and Resources

Ensuring the safety and comfort of the user is of utmost importance, and as such the transfer process should always be as efficient as possible. Ceiling hoists eliminate the time a user spends waiting to be moved and are therefore beneficial for both user and caregiver.

Often only one caregiver is needed to safely operate a ceiling hoist. This means that other caregivers are able to focus on other tasks, which increases productivity.

Space Saving

Floor space is often at a premium and mobile hoists are not always suitable. Ceiling hoists can be used in small spaces, including around toilets where space can be very tight. Even within larger spaces, ceiling hoists ensure that trip hazards are kept to a minimum and equipment that is used regularly can be accessed easily. It can be a struggle to find adequate storage space for every piece of equipment, and ceiling hoists will help to ease this issue.

Multiple Uses

There are many situations where mobile hoists are not able to lift as high or as low as required. Ceiling hoists work in a number of situations and avoid the need for multiple pieces of equipment.

The use of a ceiling hoist for disabled individuals can greatly improve their overall care experience. They are adaptable, reliable and efficient, which takes some of the pressure off caregivers and ensures that users get the care they need, when they need it.