Are you injured or have developed a medical condition that stops you from earning? If you are disabled, you need to apply for SSI benefits. Benefit is needed when you cannot work and care has to be exercised while applying for the same. Social Security Benefit can provide for your family in case you are injured or disabled.

Why You Should Apply for SSI Benefits

It is very unfortunate to meet with an accident and become inadequate. When you are severely injured, apply for the SSI benefits to cover for the losses. Lost wages is recompensed by the SSI benefit. Even if the chronic illness prevents you from doing a full-time job and supporting your family, Social Security Administration provides adequate coverage. If any of the family members is disabled, it may take a great financial toll on the family.

When you should Apply for the Disability Benefits?

It is true that the process of applying for the disability claim is long, complicated and cumbersome. Prior to applying for the benefits, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you severely injured?
  • Is the medical condition severe to the extent of causing disability?
  • Do you really qualify for the Social Security Disability? To find this out, get in touch with a lawyer.
  • Do you fail at your previous job duties?
  • Are you capable of managing a new job duty?

If your doctor says that your condition is very severe or critical, that will warrant disability claim. Those who are injured severely or are very sick, they get approval easily.

The Benefit of Several Types of Claims

Social Security Insurance offers coverage for the following:

  • On the event of pregnancy, the moment when you incur loss of wages, you must file for the benefits. If the gynecologist confirms that it is your pregnancy which prevents you from working, you should begin the pregnancy claim.
  • It covers you for disability and offers the benefits. As an employee, you may have to refrain from work due to work-related injury or some illness. So, when you start losing your wages, the claim begins.
  • Leave for family bonding is also the coverage. Here the employee gets paid even when he takes leave on the occasion of child birth. It may happen that you adopt a child and need to bond with him.
  • If you need to take care of your child who is seriously ill, you will get paid for the leave. You only need to prove the illness of your child. Serious health condition must persist like impairment, illness, disability.

Thus, it can be said that SSI claim is there to cover you for every misfortune.

Support Your Family!

The Social Security Disability benefit is for someone who is unable to work due to some injury or illness. Family expenses have to be met and thus we have SSA offering SSI Benefits.

Before you apply for SSI benefits, it is important to hire a reputed attorney who is expert at handling disability claim related cases. Those who cannot understand the procedure of applying or are not confident of winning the claim, they need to hire an attorney.

In the above section, the writer clearly discusses why one should apply for SSI benefits and what coverage it offers. Hiring an attorney is equally important.