Important Facts To Know About Agile

The fact is, Agile is based on three crucial principles which all the different Agile teams follow.  Have a look at the three crucial principles or values which are mainly followed:-

  • Firstly, it’s quality software development.
  • Iterative flexibility is the second crucial principle.
  • When it comes to the third principle, it simply cannot be avoided because it involves continuous improvement.

Now, let’s discuss about the principles in detail:-

Agile Development: Learn The Three Important Principles

Quality Software Development

The initial phase of “Agile Development” involves developing a quality software program which focuses on customer satisfaction i.e. it mainly focuses on offering a specific feature or capability within a specified time, better known as “Iteration”.  If the theoretical aspect is considered, a product which is developed in an “Agile” process is market ready after the “Iteration” phase.

Delivering a huge range of products within one week or so is not really an easy task. To put it simply, it actually demands of a quality process which is mainly developed within the Agile development cycle. Remember, it’s very important for the “Iteration” phase to be completely developed, tested, defect-free etc. An experienced professional can solve the source code analysis problem easily with their huge years of work-experience.

Iterative Flexibility

With speed and nimbleness considered as the priority, Agile is very open to accept the changes which may occur in the development cycle. To put it simply, “flexible” is the right term used for the Iterative process because it mainly depends on the changing needs of the consumers or market conditions. Due to the short iteration phase and involvement of business users, new chances may occur easily.

Continuous Improvement

In an Agile environment, a professional gets the opportunity to learn new things and master the professional skills which also helps in their professional development. The Iterative framework empowers continuous improvement, with a strong focus on testing/quality assurance. This is one of the major reasons of the popularity of Agile consulting.

How To Choose The Right Agile Consultant?

  •  Never Ever Hire A Nameless Professional

Of course, the consulting agency may promise you to help you find the best professional. Do they understand the meaning of the word “best”? Chances are they simply don’t have any idea what you are exactly looking for, and so there is no point in trusting them.

  • Cost And Geographical Area Is Never Ever The Criteria

Always hire people who know what they are exactly saying, and also have an excellent track record to prove their point. If they charge you a little more money, it’s worth it because they can offer you with desired results.

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