In today’s age with the use of increasingly highly-technological gadgets and devices, there are more and more ways constantly being introduced to save time and work more efficiently and conveniently. Whether you are up-to-date with the latest techniques or want to learn more, there are five computer skills you may lack that could be holding you back professionally.

Tricks to Using Search Engines

Search engines have given us the ability to get the information we need in just seconds. However, sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint the right words to use to retrieve the results you are looking for. One great way to maximize your results is to put your phrase in quotes. This will allow the search engine to look for the words in your phrase in any order. Furthermore, avoid using full sentences. Keep it simple and to the point using only keywords.

5 Computer Skills That Are Sure To Benefit You Professionally

Microsoft Word/Excel

Microsoft Word allows you to do so much more than create text documents. You can make slideshows to use in your next presentation and graphs that automatically do math to make your life simple. Becoming proficient in programs such as Excel can help you both advance in your current job and help find a more lucrative one if you so desire. A proficient Excel user can make spreadsheets that are legible and seriously turn heads within the company.

Converting to PDF

Security is important in today’s society. With modern PDF DRM tools, your company can prevent unauthorized users for accessing the data within. However, it can be all too easy for Microsoft documents to get into the wrong hands. When you know how to convert these types of files to PDF format, you possess the ability to secure private information, making you an asset to your company.

PowerPoint Done Right

We have all been bored to death by PowerPoint presentations, and there is an effective tip you can employ to make yours really capture your audience’s attention. Use high quality images to convey the tone of your presentation. For example, here are a few different examples that help even the most basic of us become PowerPoint wizards. Having the ability to back up your stellar presentation skills with a visual guide can take your skills to the next level.

Keyboard Commands

Your keyboard allows you a number of shortcuts that can save you hours over time. For example, if you accidentally erase text or make other mistakes, simply press Control X, and it will reappear. There are dozens of shortcuts that will make you more efficient. One of the best ones to remember when browsing the web is Control-Shift-T as it will bring up the most recently closed browser tab. Explore the shortcut commands on your keyboard to become truly proficient in data input.

Setting Yourself Apart

In most industries, the ability to work efficiently on the computer is becoming increasingly important. If these types of skills intrigue you, then pursing a bachelor of science in computer science might be right up your alley. With all the things that you are able to do with a computer you can be sure that any experience you can gain will give you a leg up on the competition. By following these five steps and actively engaging in their practice, you can be on your way to achieving new success.