Langkawi Island is a true pearl of Malaysia. It is well-acknowledged for the luxurious hotels, magnificent scenery, gorgeous waterfalls and picturesque fields, sky blue water, spectacular underwater world, mysterious caves and amazing legend of Princess Mahsuri.

But among all the Langkawi amenities, the beautiful sandy beaches deserve a special attention. You can find over a dozen of beaches on the island! Now let’s consider 6 most gorgeous beaches of Langkawi, which every health-resort visitor might want to spend the vacation at!

Tanjung Rhu

The Ultimate Guide: 6 Most Relaxing Sites Of Langkawi

The beach lies on the northern part Langkawi away from the popular tourist destinations. The old limestone caves, mangrove forests, limestone cliffs and views of the neighboring small islands have made this area a heaven for those who nature.

The beach is separated into two parts, on which the well-known resorts “Tanjong Rhu Resort” and “Four Seasons” are located.

In general, the beach is a can’t-miss spot for everyone who wants to forget about the daily routine for a while, because the nature that surrounds the beach favors it a lot!

How to get there: The beach is located around 22 km from Kuah.

Pantai Cenang

The Ultimate Guide: 6 Most Relaxing Sites Of Langkawi

It is the most famous beach and tourist center of Langkawi. Its total length is 2 km. In general, the beach has nice soft sand and offers great views of the neighboring islands. You can order a boat to visit the nearby islands.

Those who want to sunbathe can rent parasols and chaise lounges. Also you can go for scuba diving, water skiing, boating and parasailing.

The beach also offers great number of shops and restaurants. Pantai Cenang is also famous for the spectacular sunsets.

How to get there: Pantai Cenang is located 18 km from Kuah. There is a bus running to Pantai Cenang from Kuah, but it doesn’t have regular schedule. So, the best option is to use a rental car at Langkawi Airport. Besides, if you get bored on the beach, using a rental car it will be very easy to go to another one you like.

Pantai Tengah

The Ultimate Guide: 6 Most Relaxing Sites Of Langkawi

It seems that this romantic beach is meant for a quiet family holiday. It is often chosen for spending the honeymoon. There are several luxury hotels and quiet restaurants on the beach.

The clean sand without stones or shells allows walking barefoot. The water at the beach is clean most of the year except for the period of monsoons.

You can try some water activities there like boating, water skiing etc. Unlike Pantai Cenang, at this beach you will hardly find parasols and chaise lounges for rental. The shadow of coconut trees will be your only refuge there.

How to get there: The beach is separated from Pantai Cenang by a small rocky cape and you can get there by foot.

Pantai Pasir Hitam

The Ultimate Guide: 6 Most Relaxing Sites Of Langkawi

The specific feature of this beach is silver-black sand. This is due to the tides, which are bringing to the land dark mineral particles, which immediately get mixed with the sand.

Despite the unusual color of the sand, the beach is hardly a popular tourist attraction of Langkawi, because it’s quite dirty there.

Nevertheless, there are two reasons why you should go this beach. Firstly, it is nice to walk by the old wooden fishing pier projecting into the sea. Secondly, you can shop for presents and souvenirs there at really cheap prices. Besides, when else will you be able to see the beach with black sand?

How to get there: You should follow Jalan Teluk Yu Road on your car. It is 20 km from the Kuah Town.

Pantai Teluk Datai

The Ultimate Guide: 6 Most Relaxing Sites Of Langkawi

This beach is stretching for 1.5 miles in the shape of a crescent and is one of the best beaches of the island. During the tide, the width of the beach reaches around 30 meters. The beach is private and is accessible only for the guests of the two resorts located on it.

You will enjoy clean water and excellent service there. This beach is the only place on the largest island of Langkawi, where you can snorkel.

How to get there: Follow the №161 road Jalan Datai on a rental car.

Pantai Kok

The Ultimate Guide: 6 Most Relaxing Sites Of Langkawi

No bars and cafes spoil the natural beauty of this very quiet and secluded beach. However, during the weekends or holidays the beach is often crowded with locals who come there to relax at the parkland adjacent to the beach. In spite of this, Pantai Kok is very well maintained and clean. It suits a lot for the families with small kids.

Telaga Harbour Park lies next to the beach. Sailing yachts, cafes and restaurants post office, and shops are located in the harbor of the park. You can also go to the East Village, get to the peak of the famous Langkawi mountain by aerial cable way and see Telaga Tujuh waterfall nearby.

How to get there:  The beach is located 12 km northward of Pantai Cenang. It is around 25 km from Kuah.

As you see, Langkawi can offer you a wide range of amazing places, where you can enjoy swimming in the warm water, bask in the sunrays and just enjoy the peaceful views. The holidays spent there will undoubtedly give you lots of energy and positive.

So, have you decided already which of the Langkawi beaches you will choose for spending the vacation?