Job searching without much work experience can be frustrating, Getting hired into a brand new field requires confidence and drive; The labor market can be ruthless: applications of young inexperienced graduates often land without mercy into the trash. At least you got to convince the interviewer of your value.

No experience, Too little experience It is mostly young graduates and people who want to change careers. Who are faced with this kind of obstacle to land a job. Sometimes they hesitate to send their application because they fear having no luck.

Here are some tips you can use that will help you combat lack of experience in your job search.

  1. Be aware of your Strengths

In each job, study carefully the job description and required profile. Often they contain a list of the skills and qualifications that you must have. Be aware (especially if the list is long) that it only draws a picture of the ideal candidate. In fact, recruiters don’t think finding someone who absolutely meets all the criteria.

So choose the skills which you think actually have and put them into focus in your resume and cover letter. Complete with other skills you possess that you feel are relevant to the offer for which you are applying, and explain why.

  1. Include also ‘Soft Skills’

Most ads also mention the soft skills that are useful or necessary for the job in question. There is therefore no specific knowledge or experience that you must have, but certain seized positions or social abilities. If you are communicating, you know motivate people, you’re particularly empathetic, be sure to mention it in your application. If you don’t have a work experience that allows you to sail through the hiring process, and it’s not something you can change overnight, Such as friendliness – but what is more within your control that displays the owner’s soft skills. For some functions, these soft skills are even more important.

  1. Try to Charm the Recruiter

In your letter, Write a nice text to read why you are the most suitable person for this job. But nothing requires you to make a dry enumeration. Be creative and try this way to make you attractive in the eyes of the recruiter.

In some areas, this can make a good impression if you innovate in the form of your application: you show how you can think ‘out of the box’.

  1. Take Advantage on Social Media

Social media and networking sites can be used for career research, LinkedIn provides opportunities all kinds of different employment sectors: After creating your profile, upload all of your email contacts so that you have a foundation to build upon. Then, search for a company or position, filter your results by location and see who in your immediate network can introduce you to a hiring manager.